Making Survival Cord / Parachute cord Bracelets: Keeping them Busy series day 2

I had this photo heavy tutorial all made and planned out.
Then I tried to re-read / re make this bracelet a week later and confused myself into Oblivion.

You know, "Oblivion"-that country where all your missing socks go?


So, rather than scrap it all and re-do, I thought to myself---
  "self, let's be rational for once and You tube this to see if somebody has already done this shindig".

Ummmm...only about 180,000 people have done this. 
Why bother you ask?--- Because friends I found cream and pink parachute cord in the local craft shop and let out a squeal of pure delight. I knew somebody else was sure to catch my excitement!

In case you are perplexed as to my sense of fashion, this isn't all about looks darlings, this dandy little bracelet is a survival cord. All seven glorious feet of it. So if you're ever stranded in a deep dark wood with a Gruffalo nipping at your heels, you could quite possibly unravel this bracelet and lasso him into submission.

Just saying.

*****(Don't worry, I have included a link with complete video instructions at the end.)

I couldn't bare omitting my lovely photos with the dirty kitchen table as back drop, so here you are for your viewing pleasure:

Because I know you want to see my jewelry choices: 

My daughter impersonates me with unnerving clarity. This is how I felt while videoing our tutorial.  teehee

For a very clear video tutorial, click here.

My video will have to be exiled to Oblivion. 

(Husband enters room as I let out a sigh. "Well, you can't have it all" he said.  BAhahahahaha)
Truer words were never spoken.

Parachute cord (also called 550 cord) suppliers also found on Amazon, Ebay, or local craft shops. 
 For UK amazon click here.
For clasps I found them on Etsy. Try here.

Have fun. Stay mellow. 

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  1. Lovely Dahling....glad you stuck with it.

  2. Ummmm.... another kiddie project that I'm now obsessed with! Stop it!!! ;)

  3. This turned out great and looks so fun. Definitely something we're going to try. You're a featured project this week and being shared on Pinterest & Twitter too. Be sure to grab a Featured On button from the button page. Thanks for linking to the Craftastic Monday party at Sew Can Do!


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)