Keeping them Busy Series: Kid Crafts

Do you have puzzles laying around in boxes, not getting much use? 
We do, so it was time to bust them out again and revive them in some way. 

Who knew gluing some magnets to the back side and putting them on the fridge would be so exciting?!

While we were at it, we glued magnets to the back of several tiny creatures we have as well, as the kids enjoy rearranging the magnets on the fridge.

On car journeys we take a cookie sheet and these puzzle pieces and small toys so the kids can have their play without losing tiny bits in the car. The cookie sheet is so handy, as it can also be used as a lap desk for coloring or writing. 

It keeps me sane.

I use E6000 as it is super duper strong. I did the gluing, they did the sorting and picking out of toys. Win-win. Let the pieces dry for at least a few hours.

The flat tiny magnets were bought in a local craft shop. You can find them online too.

On that note, have a fun filled day. :)  

*Sewing posts will continue shortly. Thanks for sticking around.

I was minding my own business and turned around from my coffee pot to this:



  1. What a great idea to recycle puzzles and critters. Love the mask, I think I would have screamed!

  2. That is a really fun idea and would work with lots of things for making activity on the go.



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