Keeping them Busy Series- Day 3 Upcycled & Improved

Upcycle your trash into functional toys.

Here we turned two of my fizzy water bottles into kid binoculars.

Total cost: maybe a tuppence.
 lol Zoe ;)

two empty water bottles
 duct tape
black spray paint

 1. Duct tape the bottles together.

2. Measure a length of sturdy ribbon on your child from just beneath collar bone, around the neck, to other collar bone area. Add two inches and cut ribbon.

3. Tape this ribbon to the sides of the bottles as shown:

4. Cover the ends of the bottles with little swatches of duct tape.

5. Prepare spray paint by shaking it. Make sure kids are clear of the area, and spray paint one side of the apparatus.

Let the first side dry completely (to be sure, I waited an hour or so) ---and then spray the other side. 

6. Cut holes in the small end with a knife, smoothing any rough edges with your man finger. (*The finger you shake at your man when he messes up your crafting space.)

7. Prepare a drill with small bit, and slowly drill through the large ends of each bottle. Gradually work your way to bigger and bigger bits until you have a large enough area to see through. I went all the way up to my largest bit. (I don't know the mm or doohicky measurements, it was about as thick as my naughty finger.)

The husband swooped in to rescue me here, so it's important to know those are not my man hands.
I admit, I was making a hot mess.
As usual.

8. Smooth any rough edges with a metal file.  
*Not a nail file ya'll, a man tool file. But if you can get your nail file to work, then go with it. 

 Rough edges here.

Now they are smooth and safe.

 I see you!

And cheers to an hour of play time. Why is it always the least expensive toys seem to amuse children the most? I.E. cardboard boxes, styrafoam peanuts, bubble wrap, .. .. .......

Keep them by the big window to keep your neighbors in check!


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  1. I think kids have more fun with found items than store bought toys.
    I always gave my kids art projects to do while I worked on my orders.



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