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Emerald green voile Washi dress

Oh you guys, if you would like to sew for yourself, you know-spend your time on something you will actually wear....
Go to Rae's website and purchase her PDF patterns ASAP.  I'm not kidding, you will be so happy when you sew up a Washi Dress, or a Ruby Top

 I've made several of Rae's patterns, all of them are easy to understand with expert instructions.

She doesn't know who I am darlings, this is not a paid advert lol!

Go. Run. Well not really run, your fingers will do the running. Whew.

You will squeal when you see how she makes this Washi pattern fit all types of bodies.

I've made three dresses so far, and more are cut out and waiting patiently for me.


 The pockets had me at Hello.

 Isn't that shadow coolio?

This is the second one--but the photo shoot was cut short as I saw the garbage truck coming down the road and had to get my bin out stat! 
I do make myself laugh.
 I look like I'm about to make a tackle. bahaha

And this little knit gem is done, but no photos yet as it was suuuuuper windy today.
Didn't think I should risk flashing the neighbors. 
 Not yet, anyway....

Oh dear me--
 The Weekender bag!

 I totally forgot to share this last week.
It was difficult to let her go, but let her go I did.

Get this pattern HERE if you fancy. I altered it a bit, with sturdy webbing for handles that go all the way down the sides and then also triple layered the bottom. I love this pattern because you can change it up and do your own thing, as the basic shape is a classic.

Yes, I used the ever fabulous Frida fabric again. If Alexander Henry had a person in mind when designing this line, it was me. 
Just sayin'. 

Get making and I'll see you soon.


(I can't get the button to work, anyone else have issues? Only half of the button is showing.)


  1. EEEEK! How cute are you?!?! That green color really suits you! It's fantastic! But OH, how did you give away the weekender bag?!?!?! It's AMAZING!

  2. I LOOOOOVE my weekender bag! I am so grateful you made it for me! I sport that thing ANYWHERE I can! :) Your talent makes your competitors look silly (lookout Vera Bradley!) P.S. You look super awesome in that Green Dress!

  3. Hi Natalie:
    Gosh! You're just so darn adorable! Thanks for the links to the patterns. There are some really great ones I'll add to my collection. I also love that Frida fabric! I might have to find some to make Christmas gifts this year. (I'm doing all my work early this year, for a change.)
    Have a great weekend, my dear.

    1. I am going to make my Xmas list right now Donna, you have inspired me to get on it early. Love hopping to your blog, you have been rocking it out! :D xoxo

  4. but...but...the bag...she goes so well with the beautiful green dress...and like, everything....sigh.

    1. Giggle giggle...:D :D I looooooooove Frida, she does indeed go with everything....

  5. I love the washi dress with a long sleeve tee underneath, I shall have to try that. I have to say, Amy Butler's bags are surprising large, but I guess that is real life. Beautiful stuff here!

  6. OooooOOo! Love the bag, fantastic colours, nice and big, how can you not love it! Thanks for sharing...

  7. Loving your voile washi, gives it a different drape in the lighter fabric. That colour is sooo me too, stopping myself from racing off to do a direct copy! Love the fabric you've used on the bag too, one very lucky recipient!


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