fluffy mini donuts in hOt pink

I'm going to eat (some) these while watching Pretty in Pink

 Like a professional, I put the batter into a zip lock and squeezed it into the pan like frosting. Don't even ask me how many times it took me to figure this trick out. Just don't. LOL

 Like that.

I even used happy eggs from my dear friend's chickens. Annnnd she is so awesome she put them in a pink egg box for me, complete with Valentine on the top-- I do heart her so! She has a bloggidy blog too, Scented Sweetpeas. Pop over and say hi, you might catch a glimpse of her happy chickens.

I was so pleased with my happy pink donuts I went off and made pink cupcakes blinging  them out properly, as you do. .   . .

Sweetpea herself also took a few pics of me styling my new knit dress. I made this dress with Michael Miller's knit fabric, which is quite heavy, so my seams are a bit of a HOT mess... but hey, it's alright I'll still sport it, complete with JAZZ hands (just for you & your viewing pleasure).

 The pockets you guys... Earth shattering. I will include pockets in every dress I make from here on. 

practicing for Chicago

I then invited myself over to her lovely cottage, which is where I met her happy hens. I thought it might be a tad much if I started snapping pictures of her home, so I refrained (barely).


And this one is for my husband of  seven years, today is our anniversary.
 It's like Pink and Lilly's song, just like it.

hahahaha  ;)


  1. Hot pink is the best, love that dress and the shoes! Happy anniversary!

  2. Can I come over for breakfast?? ;) The dress is fab! Who cares what it looks like on the inside - it looks awesome from here!! haha

    Happy anniversary! And thanks for the link to the Pink vid - your post and that video made my morning - LOVE her!

    1. YAY I'm glad your morning got off to a cracking start! :D Come over any time! :D :D

  3. Love your tree, should have checked the stores when they had the last sales and gotten some colors for different holidays. Fun idea to make one with different hearts.



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