Easy Sewing for the weekend

  I ran out of the knit leopard print fabric when making this dress, and at first despaired..... Then I thought, who cares? Throw on some black knit fabric and carry on. This is the result, I'm not too overly embarrassed. LOL!

I think there is something to be said for not freaking out with home sewn garments. Mine aren't perfect, but that's ok. Have you checked those seams from the ready made rack? They usually are a hot mess too. Just sayin'.  (At least if you shop where I do, I can't afford Neiman's or Barney's...

 I had it pulled weirdly in this shot, the hem is actually even, astonishingly. ;)

I heart you.

I'm not gonna lie, as soon as I get home I take off that belt and let it fly. This roomy cut is so comfy. I feel like I'm in jammies.

With the same pattern, I made linen navy trousers with a modified paper bag waist. These are super roomy and feel like scrubs, only better....

The linen will soften the more they are washed, so I'm looking forward to many wears.
It's sort of 90's grunge style, especially when worn with Docs, which I dearly miss. Don't hate on me, I loved my Nirvana days.

Am I the only one who thinks the ending lyrics to Teen Spirit are "I'm a night owl".......?? ?? Or are those the real lyrics? 
Ok so I just googled them...errmmm...I've been singing it wrong for over 20 years. For shame. Paaaaaaa!

LEOPARD DOCS!!!  (Running out the door..)

Moving on.......

My super awesome crochet hat was made by the fabulous Salena at Baca Creations. I have --like---1000 hats from her. I love them!

I'm assessing the wind here, as I had just chased my rubbish bin down the street. It was quite hilarious, especially being that I could barely keep up.  Time to hit the gym!

Have you seen the crazy weather hitting England lately? It is CRAY. I'm glad we live in an area that hasn't seen massive flooding, my heart aches to see those reports on the net. Reports here.


Thanks for reading guys, I really do heart you.



  1. I actually love it with the black and the trousers look great too!

  2. These makes are so fun! I agree about not freaking out over perfection with handmade clothes. Since I started sewing, I obsessively look at the clothes of people around me on the subway, in line at the grocery store, seated at front of me during Mass, etc., and invariably stuff looks pretty wonky. I never would've noticed in a RTW garment before I started sewing!


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)