DIY Marshmallow Pops Keeping them busy series

It's half term time in GB (a week off school), so I'm going to post a series of fun activities you can do with kids this week to keep everybody sane and happy. (We shall try anyway--- to stay sane.)

This marshmallow madness is SERIOUSLY easy.
As activities with children should be, in my opinion.

Mary Poppins endorsed this activity, as "A spoonful of sugar......... "
Yeah, you know the tune. 


Get some pop sticks at the ready. You can find them at your local craft or baking shop--we bought ours at Thing Me Bobs. (I love that name lol.)

Pop the marshmallow on the stick and dip it in water for three seconds.

Swirl it in a bowl of candy sprinkles.

Place it to dry standing up in a mug.

Fast-ish (but not too fast).
Minimal clean up time.


I'm getting my super foods in with my Bubbly here-Pomegranate Seed infused Champagne. 
 Don't judge, it's 5 O'Clock somewhere. LOL.

Mia thought this picture was hilarious as you can see me in the shot. 

Have a mellow mallow-y day ya'll.
*Whenever I think of mellow people I think of Matthew.  
You're welcome for that bit of eye candy. ;)


  1. love this....very fun. Even R can do this :) and especially the melolow matthew...mmmm LOL
    thanks for posting ideas like this...we always need them!

  2. I want to make one!!!! How cute and fun!

  3. Would it be weird to make these even though I don't have kids? Hey, sometimes I need something to keep me busy on a Saturday afternoon! ;)

  4. Oh wow this is brilliant! So very simple and yet so much fun and I love all those colours! Best of all the kids will love making and tucking into these - thank you for sharing!


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