DIY Felt Heart Brooch with French Knot loveliness

Ingredients for making felty heart brooch:

**felt in whatever color you desire for heart shape
**embroidery hoop
**heart template out of card stock (optional)
**needle and threads (I like DMC floss)
**scissors, pen or felt tip, patience

1. Fit the felt over the embroidery hoop, enclose it, and snip away any extra if it's in your way.

2. Trace a heart template shape (or free hand a heart) onto your felt background. *If you're uptight about the shape, try a free printable online here , print it out and trace it. 

Mine is roughly 3x3"

I used a perm felt tip with the intention that I will cut on that line later.

3. Begin making your French Knots (20 second tutorial on you tube).

4. Make as many knots as you like, then get ready to cut your heart shape out. Cut on the line you drew so it won't show later.  Cut another heart shape piece for the back.

5. Attach brooch hardware to the back piece of felt, making sure you are sewing it on the correct side. (Felt is forgiving though, so don't sweat it.)  I sew mine on because I'm crazy...you could use E6000 as another option, but you'll need to wait for it to dry (24 hrs).

I cover my hardware with a little patch of matching felt, but this is optional. Nobody will see this, I do it because that's how I roll.

6. Put the heart front and back pieces together and begin to close it with a  blanket stitch.  Sew almost all the way around, leaving a gap for stuffing it with Polyfill/ Fiberfill/ cotton balls/scrap fabric pieces/whatever you fancy.

7. Stuff it.

8. Close the opening and pop it on. Gorgeous.

You could make a few for your friends while watching a Downton Abbey marathon.

Oh lala!

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  1. Very pretty....not sure I'd have the patience to sew all those French knots though!! :)

    1. That's why I do this when I have on trash tv or something... LOL!

  2. Very gorgeous! Great tutorial :)

  3. Those are very cute! I love the thread detail, it gives them a nice texture.

  4. Oh, I Love this project. My favorite stitch is French knots.


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