New fabric in & some tid bits.

This line is an Alexander Henry House Design line  "Frida la Catrina" available at Hawthorne Threads.

I think Mr. Henry designed this just for me. 

When I saw this line my heart skipped a couple beats. You know I love Dia de los Muertos anything, and with Frida thrown in, and the bright color pOp, well,...... I couldn't pass it up. I tried. 

I'm thinking I might make myself some new jammie trousers with one of these prints. Then maybe another quilt top for my kitchen table.  But--- it is SO HARD to cut this fabric up!    


Sometimes I really really miss JoAnne Fabrics. The shops here in Britain are lovely, but Joanne's has everything.

Never fear, my Mother takes care of me. Like this package I opened for Xmas:

150 skeins of floss. 

I especially liked the wording on the package- 

"SUPER GIANT pack!"   


I only have two books left that I haven't sewn from- they were gifts as well. Yippeee!

I think this is my first Nine Patch.  I can't believe I've never made one before. And if I have made one and forgot, well it's new to me now so LOL!!

Do your kids like to bake? Mine do, they always help me stir, mix, crack eggs, and pour things into my mixer. 

It's fun and educational, (even for me because I usually am converting Metric to Imperial-and boy, does that throw me a bit!)  

Well after watching Ratatouille for the third time I decided to make my little chefs their own chef hat.

But not the pleated kind, the billowy "like a cloud on my ginormous head" (Mia said) kind. 

Ruby giving her best for the camera.

The chef's hat tutorial is in the works, coming soon! Stay tuned. ;)


  1. What a fun post, Natalie! I love your new fabric. I can see why you don't want to cut it...and Ruby is simply adorbs in her chef's hat!

  2. Wow! That fabric was made for you...my fav is the big flowers of course. Love the chef hat....Ruby....does your tongue always have to stick out? LOL Grammy

  3. aahhh Ruby looks super cute in her chefs hat, she NEEDS to wear that to craft group next friday and maybe work some magic on some salt dough :-) Loving your new buys too ........ trying to be good and not buy any more fabric, boy is that hard !

  4. Gah! That fabric!!!!! So cool!!!!!

  5. well then I hit it spot on with that sugar skulls calendar :):):) BUT....had I gotten that before? After I thought I might have...LOL
    oxoxoxo miss you

  6. When you make a quilt using Frida La Catrina fabric...please post a picture...Can't find any ideas on how to use the panel/fabric....


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