Here's a peek at what's been on my table this past week:

I finished a table runner and six place mats for a friend, she was lovin' the Frida collection as well! The more I look at this line, the more I love it. 

Made this pillow up after a dream filled with pinks and reds. 
It was groovy to say the least. (The dream.)

It goes nicely with my newly quilted hounds tooth quilt- I just got it back from the quilting lady in Pearl City, IL. Yup, I shipped off my own quilt to be quilted ---guys---I just couldn't fit it in my sched. Nor did I want to. 
Do you even put yourself last on your list? I bet you do. 

 I binded the quilt (is that a word?) in pink and white striped fabric. 

So the back of my pillow has the same flannel fabric as the back of the quilt. Mom was nice enough to send the left overs from the quilting process to me, so I used them up promptly. 


Here's the full quilt-- I'm standing on a ladder trying to get it in the frame.  It was raining buckets outside ;)  .

Pink flannel on the back--in L O V E.

They feel cheerful in the middle of winter, don't they?

And here's some more color to pOp your day with brightness.

See you soon friends!


  1. What's the stamping for, just for fun? The quilt/pillow is cheerful for a cold day. I think it's "bound" which is also fun as you could bound for joy after it was bound.

    1. Yeah Jeifner, the stamps are just for fun--and my excuse is I can use them for my thank you notes when people order something hungryhippie....heehee....I love cluttering up my parcels with stickers and stamps, the post office gent just loves me (not). LOL!

  2. Hi Natalie - You're always so much fun to visit! I know your friend will adore the table runner and mats. So colorful...exactly what I'd expect to find here. :-) You dream in color, too? Same here. I think it makes them more memorable, actually. Thanks for another inspiration...dreams!
    See you again soon.

  3. Hi Natalie!! Your blog is really inspiring to me. It's a little scary - it inspired me so much that I just spent a bunch of money on some Frida fabric. It's wonderful!! Thanks for making me aware of it. the placemats and table runner you made with it are gorgeous! xoxo Silke

  4. Love the place mats, and the pillow and quilt are really great! Love the colours :)

  5. Love the blog lay out (may have been here for a while but I generally read on my phone!) and love the happy colours on a miserable Wednesday!

  6. That houndstooth quilt! So amazing! Stop tempting me to quilt, woman, I don't have time for another hobby! ;)

    1. You would kill it Ging, I would then have to suffer through seeing your amazing custom clothing aaaaannnnnnd quilts. That might just push me over the edge. BAHAHAHAHA!

  7. Love this quilt! I found your blog through a comment you left on mine. Loving all your bright colorful posts!


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