Felt scraps, sequins, embroidery = sugar skull brooch

It is always time for Sugar Skulls in Hippie Land. Dia de los Muertos, Calaveras, skullies, whatever you call them... j'adore. 

 .. .. ... ....

This was my first go. I plan on practicing some more, one can never have too many sugar skull adornments.
Ahh...I can barely even say that out loud... it hurts a little. hahahhaa

I have learned to buy quality felt, usually I buy the 100% wool felt which has a lovely hand to it. I buy mine mostly from The Felt Fairy . She never disappoints-- the quality is exceptional, and she is a fast shipper. (Bonus for spur of the moment crafters like me.)

I also learned the blanket stitch just for this project--can you believe it's taken me so long to just sit down and do it? I cannot believe myself sometimes.... .... 

It's a matter of patience. And time. And children. And and and and.... Yeah, I know you know.

HERE is the tutorial I used for the blanket stitch, in case you need it. 

The inspiration: I hesitate to show you because they are SO much better.  (LOL)

How did they cut those tiny flowers out?!
I don't have huge man hands or anything, and I seriously struggled cutting my shapes out.  I struggled with the size of the skull too. Eh.

Anywho.. .. .. ..

I'm thinking of making brooches kind of like these for Valentine's Day:

What do you make with your felty bits?

I am forever pinning felt goodies to make. Feel free to follow me here.  

I love this:

And this:
 (I could be here all night sharing felty lovelies.)

I'm off now to "do my best"...


See you soon lovers.


  1. That is really fun with the bright colors. That is one thing nice about felt, you can cut smaller pieces without having it fall apart.
    I would think you could use a fusible though, if it is really tiny.


  2. I bet you could find a scrapbooker or paper crafter with a Big Shot (or other manual die cutter) with little flower dies.

  3. Yours is just as good, better because theirs is too perfect, made in China you know.If someone want perfect tell them to buy from China(Wallmart) and yes a die cut does that perfection stuff.

  4. Not sure I'd have the patience for cutting out small shapes, let alone hand sewing them on!! Look fab, as do your Hearts :)

  5. Oooh, this is so cute! And all the felt inspiration is yummy!


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