We gave in this year and bought Gingerbread House kits, each a different brand. Remember the fiasco that ensued last year? Oh my, the horror! LOL You can revisit it here if you like. 

I was so relieved to know that my cousin had the same experience, and that she vows never to do that again. Who knew Ginger Houses were so difficult?! How did they ever catch on? Have you had a Ginger Bread experience that you wish to forget? Share so the rest of us mortals don't feel like utter failures. (lol)

Throughout the year I stock up on Xmas decor bits to make everything sort of pOp when it comes time to stay home (school break/holiday). 

The children love to drink their hot chocolate from these old fashioned straws:

(In Sainsburys for £1/pack)

Speaking of hot chocolate, have you tried the crockpot recipe? Oh my....that's a whole nutha' post. I found one on Pinterest, tried it, and thought to myself:  "Self, never make this again. Ever. Or you might just give up coffee, tea, and life giving water all at once and just drink chocolate."  

I'm home alone in the daytime, of course I talk to myself. 
(rolling eyes)

I took about 100 photos, as you do...

All the sugar in the air put me in the mood for baking, so I made Yuletide Madelines. YUM!  Do you know about Madelines- they are little shell shaped French cookies that are fluffy and light and --worth the clean up afterwards. 

I saw them in a Martha Stewart cook book ages ago, and wanted to try them but the prep looked daunting. Then in Paris we tried them and --- well-- they had me at "hello"

So this time rather than original flavor or lemon poppy seed, I made "Yuletide"--which is basically a spicey molasses blend, complete with cloves, cardamom, and ginger. So delish.

If I have a kitchen to clean up afterwards, the food better be worth it. That's all.

I sewed up a couple small table runners too this week, and finished most of the orders for the shop. 

Hopefully soon I'll have my latest UJ quilt finished and ready to show you pics! I'm so excited about it.

I'm off to do some more decorating around the house.
 See you soon friends!


  1. Crockpot hot chocolate?! Oh, no, I'm afraid to look up the recipe for the same reason! My gingerbread houses always turned out ugly and inedible, so I'm not super in favor of them, but they really are so festive, so good on ye!

  2. I've never tried Gingerbread houses - they look so difficult! I'm assuming it's easier just to get a kit??

  3. I've never had the patience to make a gingerbread house, but yours look great!! Not sure what Crockpot hot chocolate is, but I'm afraid to find out!! : )

  4. The answer to your falling gingerbread house is ....... cocktail sticks! They showed Mary Berry making one and she used cocktail sticks stuck in the pitches of the roof to hold to roof panels on ..... why oh why didn't I think of that ! Gonna try it next week :-)


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