My new Christmas Skirt.

Simplicity pattern  by Cynthia Rowley.
Fabric- cotton sateen stretch of some sort from Joann Fabrics.
Color- raspberry
Skills learned- invisible zipper installation

 I found that the "celebrity pose" does indeed slim a body out.
I'll have to remember this next time the paparazzi strikes. (They can be so annoying.)  LOL

Are you loving my navy sequin jumper by Sainsbury's? Because I am!  Whoot whoot fashion on a budget is my mantra. (Well, one of them.)

 Keepin' it real with my Sunday hair and no makeup mask. Yikes.

It only took me 45 minutes, a You Tube video, and countless readings of the pattern instructions to install the "invisible zipper"....... 

 Gotta learn sometime.

 Sainsbury's is having a major clothing sale right now-I got this jumper for £11. It is so stretchy and comfortable it feels like jammies, but seriously reminded me of those $300 J Crew sweaters I covet.


Oh, and I thought you might like to know about the best Pinot Grigio I've had in a long time:

 I think it was £5, again at Sainsbury's---can you tell that place is my new fave hangout? 

She deserves a close up:


We've been so busy decorating for Xmas here. This Gingy is named after Mia's best friend. He's just moved away to Scotland, she misses him so very much. Awe, bless her.

Recently we joined a website that has tons of educational activities, I absolutely love having one place to go and get my busy work on with the kids. Here's a link- Enchanted Learning.
It's $20/ year and so worth it, with over 35,000 pages of activities. 


Here we talked about Kwanzaa.
I find the seven core principles of Kwanzaa to be perfect.

The seven principles:

And just to keep jumping around all over the place, I recently made this bag with hand embroidery work on it. 

I stitched her with pink hair as I had Gertie on my mind of the vintage sewing blog fame.
 I adore her blog, her humor, and her sewing. How can one person be so dang cool?  

This is Gertie:

Off to sew some more quick little gifts. 
See you soon!


  1. Wowsers, that is one hot outfit! The crafting looks fun and your home looks beautifully festive! Love the gertie embroidery :-)

  2. Could I borrow some of your energy, lol. Love your skirt and the sweater goes beautifully with it. I have knobby knees so I usually wear midi's.
    It is wonderful that you can create with your daughter. Mine loved crafting when they were younger, but not any more.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and blessings throughout the coming year.


  3. This is absolutely adorable! I always love all your holiday crafting, too. You and your girls have so much fun together-- wanna adopt me? ;)


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)