I've been trying to use up all my fabric. 
(So I can buy more of course!)
Trying really hard to use all ten yards of chalk cloth too. 
Yeah. About that....

I use to make these chalk cloth place mats with vinyl backing, so people could use them in restaurants or in the car-to keep children busy. Well after making about 100 I got pretty tired of them. So there sits my ginormous roll of chalk cloth. 
Brill.  :/

So I made some more chalk cloth bunting! 
You can write your new message over and over.... (and over)...
 Ruby wanted to show you her fabulous tights.

This is a new design I found on Nancy Zieman's website- a chalk cloth and fabric table runner. I am showcasing it with my Velveeta cheese slices. Don't judge.

 See it's supposed to be herbed Brie but that kinda cheese doesn't last long in this house. Cheese is my main food group.

Looky here at this gorgeous hand painted bowl I bought myself for Christmas. It's made locally by a British artist, (I must find his name)--and I always want to buy everything from him. 

It's so pretty, I smile every time I look at it. He might think I'm a creeper, because I'm forever stalking his booth at the BX.


Did I mention I broke my beloved iPhone case? It was a pretty Union Flag design that I just adored, but it shattered when I rose out of the car -it flew into the next parking space and a dear old man helped me gather all the pieces. (Bless him.)

So, since I was already in Bury St Edmunds, I popped in at H&M (as you do) and this was the only phone case I could find. Now I am regularly giggled at. I have no shame, I love me some Hello Kitty.
*And I must add I do so love how the Brits pronounce words with "H"...like a breath-y huh-- sigh --sound, so herb is hhhhhhherb not like we Americans do it, and drop the H all together "erb"...LOL ... Tidbits.  

That's all I've got today.
See you soon kitties.



  1. That is a fun mat and would be a fun idea for a holiday table for the kids.
    Well, I wear Hello Kitty flannel jammies, don't tell anyone, lol.


  2. Totally love your chalkboard ideas. Do you want to sell some of that fabric!? jowestfoot at hotmail dot com


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