Ice Skating in London

It was a magical day indeed.

What better way to spend a Monday?
Family (check).
Fish n chips (check).
Ice skates (check).
Tower of London (check).
Catching the train home three minutes before peak rates start (check).

My girls are still talking about it.

You know those moments 
or days that you know you'll remember forever?
Yeah, this was one of those. 

iPhone pics don't do it justice.
Okay so my photography on an iPhone is the culprit. Never mind.


  1. What a lovely day! That really does sound like the perfect way to spend time with family. :) But I'm so shocked that there are so few people ice skating! I went skating here in NYC a few weekends ago and it was basically a mob on ice! How lovely to have room to spread out and practice your triple axels! ;)

  2. What an amazing way to spend the day, love the photos.


  3. I'm surprised that it was so empty there, did you go extra early?? Looks like you all had a great day, and the fish and chips looks yummy.... : )

  4. It was a Monday, and school was in session (we were playing hookey)--but yes, still surprising that it was so empty. More fun for us! I here Hampton Court Palace ice rink is always busy, we might check it out. Thanks my lovelies!

  5. Perfect... Tower of London's ice rink was very crowded last week.


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