I received this pillow sewing book for Xmas, I just love it!   I've already learned some new techniques. 
Yay! Cartwheel ,cartwheel, round off, jump stars!
(Okay maybe not, but you know what I mean.)

 Immediately upon opening I knew I'd be up all night sewing this cushion.

  One hundred half triangle squares later I had my cushion. 

Feast your eyes.

Of course I threw in a skull (or two)--that's a must.

I love it when a project makes me so happy. 

What make you "sew" happy?

The back is linen in indigo. I'm so drawn to blue colors, I really think I'm meant to live by the sea.  
Maybe I should ask for a yacht next Xmas? heehee

I also started on this star last night. 
Another scrappy project.

Creamy linen surrounds the scrappy star. 
Let's see where this goes in a few days.

These are gifts from my BFF. 

Rainbow colors + chocolate + skull stuff  = 
one happy lady

I hate that whole half bar in record timing. I loooooove dark choc. Ugh.
Are you a dark or a milk choc fan? I mean I won't discriminate or anything, but if given the choice I'm all down with 70% cocoa or even higher. Yup.

I know. (!!!)  squeal scream


As for family news:

Mia lost her front tooth Christmas Eve night. The tooth fairy was mighty good to her for being brave.

She's been busy practicing her Paleontologist skills.

And this one, need I say more? Pictures speak a thousand words.

I was trying to be a good parent and help them have a  creative outlet with felt art, and instead a felt fight ensued.  Geesh.

See you soon- Ruby and I are off to catch some Boxing Day deals.



  1. That is a beautiful pillow, I do need to decide on some designs and fabrics for mine.
    Isn't it fun, all the new things they have for kids now, I can imagine what a toy store would be like.
    Next year I will find out when I shop for my grandson, he will be old enough for some toys then.


  2. Cute pictures! Your house looks like lots of fun. Love the sugar skulls and pretty cushion!


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