I have a love affair with bright colors.

This jelly roll stopped me in my tracks, and I new the minute I got home what I was going to do with it. 
A few hours later (because this is ever so simple) I had my quilt top.

Now sandwiching it and backing it...that will take some time. Oh, and the binding bit. I wonder--should I go ahead and bind it with indigo blue? Or do I bind it in red, or... ... orange..or ....green...? ?  See how this goes? 

There's my man-being a great sport! 
Arms UP!

Speaking of color...

On to more quilting action.

This blanky is made with all my fat jeans and flannel shirts. I have a bad habit of wearing clothes too big for me, and one of my friends really made me take note. (Thank you D, you always look smashing so I'll listen to anything you have to say, seriously.) Anyways, I did that New Year wardrobe cleanse and got rid of everything that was the wrong size or looked like hell on me. Here they are: 

**And gals, speaking of the wearing the wrong sizes---please do yourself a solid and get professionally measured for a bra. I thought my whole adulthood I was a 36D and hated wearing bras. Well, my fashiony friend mentioned above (we'll call her D*)  said "You're wearing the wrong bra size. You need to be measured"-- as I rolled my eyes at her. Turns out she was absolutely right. I was four inches smaller around my ribs. What a huge difference that makes! I could sleep in my bra now-I forget it's on. SERIOUSLY. I went into Debenham's, let the sales girl do her thang, and bam- walked out looking much more fashionable. 

This used to be me:

Sorry that side tracked me for a sec, but I've been wanting to spread the word because it has brought me such relief in life! No more racing home to fling the bra at the rafters, no more struggling in the car after a late night to take it off incognito style before the drive home, no more strap issues-like having them fall off or digging into my skin. This is bliss people. Get measured, get a quality bra, make sure it's your skin color if you wear white tops. LOL  Rant over.

So good bye jeans that make me look anything other than glamorous.  You're fired.
(Or quilted, but no need to get technical.)


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree they say.

At five years old, she's sewing.

Yes!!!!!! :D

The blue poodle was my inspiration for the day. Mia is asking for this blue canine for her b-day. 
Ummmm...Houston, we have a problem. . . . .

I've got ten of these done so far---I am SO excited. Who knew stars would make me giddy? ---I mean other than Ryan Gosling, duh.

Since the blue poodle was on my mind, I went ahead and finished this pillow cover up for a friend (because it's made with blue linen, follow me?) 

She lived here in the UK for a very long time, (twice)--then left a few months ago for the States. To say the least, she misses England.
 I miss her. 
So I'll pack this up with some other lil' comforts of Britain and pop it in the post.  It's the little things, ya know?

Ahhh Jaffa Cakes!
I am so addicted.
 I can eat a whole package--quite easily.
 In one sitting. 

Or five minutes, whichever is shorter. 

They're made with oranges--- right? (Looking side to side nervously...)

Peace out. It's time for me to raid my cupboard. 




  1. Good luck finding the blue canine....love the idea of the jean quilt and your bright quilt held fabulously by your dear husband I may add....looks superb.

  2. Wow, love both quilts! Absolutely fantastic!

  3. The jeans quilt is fab...great idea. The stars are very cool...you are becoming quite a pro! And the striped quilt top is bright and beautiful!! Are any of these my birthday present? ha,,ha,ha,ha just kidding my dear.

  4. So many lovely things! And I totally agree about Jaffa Cakes - I try not to buy them as they never last (I once ate an entire packet in the car on the way home from the supermarket - oh dear)

  5. Love the fat jeans quilt but I'm thinking your fat is my skinny! I vote we bring Melissa back!!!


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