The Tooth Fairy arrived.

The other day my daughter lost her first tooth.
I  pulled it out myself, as my heart did a flutter~ like a fainting sensation--because I mean, this is my daughter....Not a patient, not a stranger, but one of the people I love most in the world. Anyways, we quickly had to devise a plan for a Tooth Fairy Pillow, as she told me "I'm going to need a big pillow because I was very brave and I'll get lots of money"------(my eyebrows raised).
And just to be clear, she started working on the next tooth in line "So I can raise money for my toys". Priorities.
So I quickly raided scanned Pinterest and found this super cute pillow. I was pleased as punch when the link (worked) & supplied a full tutorial (--that also worked) lol. 
Click over to Mmmm Crafts for the complete tutorial. 

The Tooth fits in this mouth part, it's a pocket, hand stitched to the other side with tiny whip stitches. The only thing I will change for my other daughter's pillow is to use two layers of white felt on the front, as you can slightly see the pocket outline here. But honestly a five year old doesn't care, and it's still cute.


In other news, we are moving! So very soon I will be posting again regularly, as the new house has broadband internet ~ gasp! We aren't going far, but this is yet another adventure for us, as it will give us a taste of small city life. And....(danger alert) there are
T W O fabric shops within walking distance.     Oh dear.................

See you soon friends!


  1. That is sooo cute! I had to pull Imogen's tooth out once, yyuuukkk - like you say it is a very strange sensation, I never want to repeat it again.

  2. "So I can raise money for my toys"-- LOL! A young entrepreneur! This pillow is TOO adorable!

  3. this is fabulous. I am preordering (by afew years) for my son...cause anything I make will never look like that!! :)))


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