Hever Castle visit (childhood home of Anne Boleyn)

I have this saying I use, when something is really, really, important to me, either to see or do.

"It's super important to me, since like forever."

Yes I am fully aware that I sound like I'm thirteen. I don't care.

Anyways, living here in the UK, I tend to use this phrase a lot. 

My husband makes fun of me all the time.

(Him)   "Oh, so t h I s is the place that is sooooooooo important to you, ---why?"

"Um, DUH,..It's Anne's house man!"

(Strange look from husband) ~  "Because you know her, right?" With a smart ass snicker...

"Yes. I do, she married a man who was the epitome of self indulgent, ego-maniac, delusionalistic (made that word up) superiority issues~~common to quite a few monarchs and men."

It's just discourse.
 No harm done.

Here's a peek of some bits.

My kids don't hold back. Ever.

Tudor Rose in the ceiling, no big deal. 

The gardens took my breath away.
Every time I say that I see Maverick. 
Sorry. That'll be in your head now all day.

I wonder how they do that stripe-y grass?

No pictures permitted inside the house, of course, so you'll have to make a trip or buy a book to have a look inside. It's well worth the drive to go, I just adore Kent (the county, not Clarke, though I do adore him too).  

 It's getting late, and I'm getting wordy and parenthetical.

I'm out.

See you soon friends.


  1. I love the view in the first photo, I want to live there, lol.
    Always enjoy seeing your trips with the girls.


  2. This is beautiful! How far away? Can we go???

  3. What a fab place! Love how Mia has to bear hug everyone :-) Ooh you need to go to Angelsey Abbey and see their Dahlia garden, just stunning.

  4. You have captured the beauty of the castle. I can remember going there several years ago, after seeing your photos it has inspired me to go back again.......xx

  5. you look freakin' amazing.
    And your kids don't have my side...when I was little I wouldn't have gone near that princess to save my life!! hahahahaha


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