Camden Town time.

If you're in need of a leather corset, tribal jewelry, antique bits, or something off the mainstream current, 
Camden Town (London) is your place.  Or if you are craving "for real" authentic foreign food, this place has it.  For real for real.

Three cappuccinos, four hours of walking, and endless "hey ladys" later, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. 

I'm a country girl through & through.

I like the city for about five minutes, then I'm over it.

To each her own. ;) 

How many times have I had a close call because I forget it's "LOOK LEFT!".... 
 It's just not natchy for me. 

I had my crap camera with me. Oh well.

BAHAHAHAHA    :D      ♥      I love happy people.

This is how dark & rainy it was in real life:   (this is the UK, get used to it or leave LOL). 



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