A quickie.

Stitching---it keeps me from b*tching when my husband drives.

Does anyone else understand me?
Books used to keep me calm when he drove. No more.
Now I have to occupy my hands and induce forced concentration with my eyeballs.

Do you need stitch therapy too?
Pop over to Sublime Stitching with Jenny Hart, her sh*t is amazing.

Sorry no links, my internet......again....  

 *I just finished a few more tonight, as I was coerced to watch man movies. (LOL)
 This stuff is addicting. (Not the man movie bit.)

potato sack pillow making

Pantry re-organizing. Find this tutorial over at thepaintedhive.blogspot.com .

Gahw-not all the megapixels are making it to blogger land, so these pics look terrible, but you get the idea. ;) My pantry looks so good now (well, it did for about five minutes). 

Re-painting my previous repainting adventure.

 See you soon, ...maybe.


I'm having a "set my hair on fire" kinda night. I'm gonna unplug for a while.

Peace out.

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  1. I'd love to be able to stitch whilst hubby drives...but alas the car sickness sets in. Your stitcheries are gorgeous and great organizing tips you have there.


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