Upcycle it and love it.

I'm never one to say no to a challenge. Well, yes I am, but never mind.... 

 A friend had given me a mountain of uniforms before she left me for sunny Florida. (Boooooo on you Elissa lol).  Yes I said "left me" because I take every PCS personally. Not kidding Elissa, Shala, Aydrianna, Salena, Nancy, Shayna, Sasha, Lyndsay, Crystal, etc etc....there are so many of you I have to do an etc. Sad. 

Anywho, another friend asked me to make her a skirt out of ABU uniforms for an upcoming event. I thought it would be a fun challenge, especially since upcycling is dear to my cheap frugal heart. ;) 

The top picture is the first version-a paper bag waisted skirt, made from the cargo pants/trousers of the uniform. 
I like it, especially toughed up with a leather moto jacket and a fierce belt. Chunky motorcycle boots would be awesome to round it all out.


The second version is a simple "swooshy" skirt-almost a circle skirt but not quite, with an elastic waist, made from two tops of the uniform.

I made it for a six foot tall super model apparently, as I had to pull it up to my boobs to make it look right. Never mind.

It's nothing some purple tights can't fix.

 And platforms. Must have platforms.

 I only rolled my ankle twice.

A few action shots.


Then, because I can't stop when I'm on fire ~ I made this bag. I pieced it with scraps of fabric I had lying around, and the left over scraps from the cut up uniform. The interior is completely all pieced scraps of uniform, while the outside speaks for itself-with a hint of military service pride.  

I named it the Obscure Glamour bag because if you ever have served, or support someone who serves/has served in the military, you know what it is to be "camo" on the inside, forever and always.  This bag is kinda like that, a hint of military pride on the outside, but all hoooo-ra on the inside. 


I'm making a limited amount of these and selling them for $25. All monies will go directly to the Fisher House Foundation.  If you'd just like to give money, click the link.  If you'd like to order a bag, email me with your Paypal email address and I'll pop an invoice over. Email me at hungryhippie(at)live.com

I have known so many friends who have benefited from this amazing foundation. 

As always, "don't throw it away" ~ cut it up, paint it, fix it, embellish it, trade it,....whatever it takes to keep stuff out of the landfills. 

See you soon ;)


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)