Poetry table and sneak peek of kitchen revamp.

I have discovered paint pens. We went to work on making those herb marking stones that are the rave on Pinterest right now. 

 Once the rocks were complete I decided to pretty up my sad, abused, outdoor patio table. I quickly spray painted it purple, got out my poetry books and went to work. 

I hope every time a friend comes to visit they add their own bit of poetry or wisdom to it. 

I have a list of fave poets, but I always seem to turn to Emily Dickinson and Keats, and Whitman...and Tennyson....and and and.........  How about you? Have you given it a try? What floats your boat?  I recently had my mind blown when I took out my old Shakespeare ten-pound-book and re-read some of the sonnets. Oh my gawwwwd. Mind. Blown. 

The caterpillar was taking a quick read as well, I think he preferred Maya Angelou. 

I'm in the middle of a kitchen re-vamp right now. Here's a peek at my new "extra girly" curtains. 

(I always wanted to live in this little pink house in my hometown. I loved it, seriously. It was actually white with pink shutters and pink adornments all over, including lawn jewelry. I might paint my house pink one day, just because I can. heeehee)

Curtain bows inspired by these lovelies:

And this curtain on the opposite wall is from fabric in the 1970's- for real vintage fabric, upholstery weight, from my fab friend Melissa. Thanks girl--I know it may be ugly to everyone else, but I love it. The pink ruffle makes me smile.

I've been painting some old furniture for a quick pick-me-up----so the chalk paint on this roller cabinet is perfect for practicing   My girls thought it would be hilar if they moved the bananas after I wrote it on there...see?  Sigh.  The other writing is a selfie affirmation "You are fabulous darling"--because we all could use reminding (of the fact that you are fabulous, not just me).....
Am I making sense?
Sometimes I wonder.
If I make sense.
To anyone.

I'm suddenly realizing I need another coat of pink on these drawers. Yikes. This is why I usually leave the painting to Melissa. LOL


Do you ever feel like redecorating your entire house, even though you just decorated it less than a year ago? I do. Maybe it's a sign of multiple personalities. Or maybe a need for renewal. Or...maybe nothing but bored eyes.  I need inspiration surrounding me, so if it's not doing the job, I change it.

there it is.


  1. It all looks fab..poetry...curtains...caterpillar...girls moving bananas........and the little pink house brings back such good memories for me...xxxooo

  2. I love your blog! I love it ALL. I've always wanted to do one wall in chalk paint so that Liam (or I =) ) could go crazy but since we are renting, Liam might be 20 before he gets to doodle. hehe


  3. That is a fun way to redo things, and it is fun to redecorate once in awhile.


  4. I love the chalk paint and the poetry! I am constantly wanting to change the way my house looks too! I think its creativity trying to not be stifled!

  5. Loving your new creations ...... what a fab makeover! Love the blackboard paint idea, I have a blackboard wall that I painted, I really must add some art to it :-) And yes you are making sense :-)

  6. We need you round to do our house!! Love the stones and the table is brilliant! I'm with the caterpillar and you are certainly a phenomenonal woman! :)


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