Painting Days

We've been doing a lot of painting here lately. On all kinds of formats- clothes, shoes, canvas, paper, and ...ermm.........walls.....


Painting in purple fuzzy slippers is a must. 

My go at a Cath Kidston style jewel box. 
This was my Gramma's, and it was plain wood with stains all over it. I know she would've given me the go ahead for painting it. 
Miss ya Grams.

Here is my art therapy painting- the one I was saying a few posts back to just "slap some paint on that canvas".....Well I did, layer after layer, and this is what happened. I like it mucho mucho. And that's all that matters in the end. 

I made some patchwork pillows too, as I realized I'm just happier with lots of color all over the place.  For too long I've been conforming. Why? For who? PSsssshHT, over it.

Mail arrived.
I don't like to brag, but...... (Hahahaha don't you hate it when people say that?)

It's pure awesomeness!

I'm going to paint the stamp with Copic paint pens and hook up my stationary. 

I ordered this from a gal who hand makes stamps. Here is a linky:  Hoffee and a nuffin . 
You're welcome. ;)

More pics of experimenting:

Painting with a bleach pen on a t shirt. 

Making robot masks to cut out later, with a face full of chocolate.

Go PAINT something ~ it's like happiness in a bottle. No rules. No limits. Throw it, smack it, slap it, mush it around...(now don't get all pervy, pervs) LOL.   I think that freaky deeky Farah Fawcett was painting with her nude body once-- (rolling eyes) -- but okay--there is room for everyone in art.  

Even for people that draw humans as stick figures. 
(Hand raised.)


Of course I had to fit in some sewing time too, so I made this little clutch in the wee hours of the night. 

Love is like a dagger in the heart sometimes.

 I have moths coming into my room now that are the size of small aircraft, so I'm gonna sign off now. Just saying-Britain should get with the times and install screens on windows, lol. Oh well, part of the quaintness. I'll deal.

Peace out.


  1. Love the concentration on the kids faces, you have all done a fabulous job.

  2. The painting looks like so much fun. What creativity. The batman shirt is amazing.tell Mia...and I love the picture on the canvas by Rubes.

  3. I see a budding artist in the making. I love the painting on the easel and how she used handprints around the body, very creative.


  4. you have been rather creative over the hols, loving the batman tshirt too xx

  5. oohhhhh it is your friendly stalker here :-) Loving the creative fun going on, makes me feel bad for not creating WITH my children but just wanting to create on my own. Tomorrow will with kiddies creative day :-) x


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