One week left ...

Down to just six days left before school starts again.
I don't know why, but I'm not ready, and I'm not even the one going to school.


I mean, I'm ready for some peace, and concentrated sewing time,
Maybe  it has to do with that problem I have with "being told what to do" and conformity. And regulations. And conditions. And....and... sigh.

 But I have to say, it's kinda weird, because some of my best-est-est friends and former lovers in life are the bossiest bitches ever. And I love them for it. Weird.

Moving on. Quick moment of reflection, lol.

You never know what you might read here. 

"What would you like to make today Mia?"

"A    B I G  ginormous blue whale!With eyes!"

(Thinking to myself how am I going to pull this off?)


Somehow it worked, between a pair of old jeans and some sewing magic-ness.


In the nautical mood, I used up my last bits of scraps for a pretty bunting. This will hang nicely in my boat one day. 

I mean yacht. 

One can't make something for one child and not the other...

 "Ruby, your turn."




"Yup! That one!" ~as she karate kicks the air.

I think I snorted when I laughed. Ahh these kids.


After a blue whale and a princess headband my (pin)wheels were turning:

Making some super special UK themed items per requests.

There is just something timeless about the Union Jack, tea, and British accents.  

My friends recently told me I sound more like Dick Van Dyke (in Mary Poppins) than a Brit when I impersonate them.

 Needless to say, I was completely horrified.   


My fave holiday ever is just around the corner.  I am more excited than any kid I know, including my "Please can I be a purple dragon" kiddos. 

Before I commence with the costumes, (also known as "fancy dress"--not to be confused with attire worn to a ball or opera BTW..yeah, don't go there...) 
which requires some deep thought and concentration, (and let's be honest, that isn't happening until school is back in session), I thought I would practice my goulishness with some table runners. 

Forget the metal grills, -those are so 2005,---eye patches are where it's at. 
Jolly Roger ones really lend some toughness cred in a pinch.

I love my scrappy binding. Little pOps of color make my day.

Coffee makes my day too. And my night.
It's 1 am London time.

Peace out.


  1. You really went to town and made a lot of fun things, love nautical items.


  2. Lucky girls to have a mom that they can just say.....make me this mom.....and she does it! Love the whale and Pocahontas head band. I know they have had a fab holiday due to your energies....

  3. Whaaaaaaaaale! So cool!!!!!!!!!!

  4. REALLY love the fabric you used for the table runners. Very dramatic! Brilliant! I can always count on you for some inspirations :) Just getting started on my costume this year! pics up soon!!

    crafty girl xo


  5. summer vacay is the best. Good family moments.


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