Mixing it up: modern girl quilting.

I saw this table topper pattern in Quilty Magazine and had to make it--the fabric is "Hello Gorgeous" by Melissa Ybarra for Iza Pearl Design / Windham Fabrics.

*Quilty magazine is fun-it's aimed at a young crowd (or young at heart) so tons of little tid bits in it are super quirky and off beat, which I think is fabulous. Plus (+) Mary Fons is based in Chicago, so of course she's Pure Fabulosity inherently.  ;)       Nobody paid me to say that.

The corners were a bit tricky but otherwise it was super easy. It only took one charm pack + batting + backing. I used a light aqua on the reverse side.

A perfect place to eat Nerds. I loooooove Nerds, they make me SO hyper. 
 What's your fave candy / sweetie?


Then I tried a crazy quilt block, just free styling it-making it up as I go. Can anyone pretty please tell me what I'm doing wrong? The paper foundation piece that I am sewing to doesn't come off well at all. I end up ripping a large portion of my seams.

Any tricks?

Advice appreciated.
I use a large stitch, so not sure what the heck is going on.


After embroidering this sugar skull I sewed up a boxed corner pouch for a friend of mine. The pattern for this pouch is by Erin Erickson, called "the Essential Wristlet".  It's super - duper detailed, with a gazillion steps-but sooo worth it in the end result. 
I usually don't follow patterns for clutches and wristlets, but after making this one I will.

I changed it up a bit and quilted the fabric on the back, and instead of interfacing everything I opted to put a layer of batting in between so there is this nice chunky feel to it.

I'm also cleaning out my supplies and hopefully soon will have an album of things up for sale. I noticed I have like-- -- 75 of these buckles. What for? Anyone want some? These work well with messenger bag straps, belts, and any sort of clip closure. Comment below if you'd like some. Just pay me postage and make a donation to a lovely charity if you're able.

I found some good stuff hidden away in the local thrift shop too. I love to pick up things (for cheap) that just plain make me happy.

Thinking seriously about some kind of quilt with an ode to Van Gogh's painting below. The colors just soothe me. Have you tried applique quilting?  I'm thinking appliqued tree/blossoms on an aqua (perhaps batik) background.... hmmm....

Cross stitch is Über cute to me. This lovely piece is hanging in my bedroom now. I love that it isn't "perfect". I can almost see her stitching this. 

What inspires you to create?

Do you have key inspirational items / places / or what have you that you turn to?

Happy Making. 


  1. I love the runner! I have no advice on sewing BUT that green and navy stipe fabric go soooo good together. Now I just need to find another project for you with those colors (and, no, I don't mean colours Mr. British spell check). =)


  2. Oooh, maybe a clutch. Do you do clutches? I can see it already: horizontal navy stipe fabric all over with a green flap.



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