Keeping the creative fires burning. Bag the rules.

It's been a fantastic week. Taking some time off to do what I needed to do for me was the answer. 
I won't ever ignore my inner voice again.  (I hope.)

Basically I ignored all "normal" responsibilities too-like cleaning, laundry, and rubbish taking-outing.....so yeah, rules/schmools. Bag 'em.  (At least for a little bit.) ;)

I sewed up this messenger bag over the last couple days for a friend. It's got a load of pockets, including an ultra awesome leopard print zippered pocket. I lined it with fleece padding so it's chunky feeling. The strap is adjustable, from shoulder carry to super- duper long. 

I hope she loves it as much as I do.
('Cause I might get scrappy if not. lol)

 It's made from my tutorial, except this time I curved the top flap (drew it freehand-use the edge of a plate if you're worried about it) and added pockets all over the place. My tute is here if you fancy making one yourself. 

Right here I'm thinking "Man, I wanna keep this mug"....................
As my friend Danielle says= "le sigh".  

 The fabulous "CIA pocket"---complete with a pink zipper and sequin trim.   I know, right?


I finally finished my quilt too, and then I laughed so hard because look what I did:

See that b*tchy little houndstooth going the wrong direction? Yeah, she really pissed me off for a sec. But that's okay, I'm keeping it like this because this is exactly how life is. It's not perfect, and that's fine with me. If it were, what would we appreciate? 


♥ Quirky, but still cute.

I like it the more I look at it. 
It's like those people you meet, who after a few hours together you suddenly think their hotter than a bomb fire.....when at first you were like "eewwwe". Yeah, like that.

Stay with me. 

Do you end up with mammoth size scrap piles and sit there thinking what the heck you'll do with them? Well I do.

Here is a start to my 2.5" itty bitty squares quilt. I am loving it so far. No rules, just sew it up baby.

I don't think I'll fuss over the seams all lining up either, that's too much stress for me. This is meant to be a frugal, Earth friendly, fun, whimsical project that only I could love (after putting in all those hours piecing it). Know what I mean? 

Besides, I'm too easily sidetracked. I blame John Hamm of Mad Men-- my current obsession. I can't help but  be mesmerized my his five o'clock shadow, it's like--Fred Flintstones full on. Shaving that thing must be a full time job. 
Just a thought.

After all the sewing I needed a brain jolt. So I got out my paint brushes. 

I'm no Frida Kahlo, but art has no rules-- so in my own head I'm 'effing awesome.  You are awesome too, just get out some paint and whack it at the canvas. 

C'mon, it's fun. I promise. 

(Maybe slightly psychotic, but aren't most great artists (say it like arteeee-sts) slightly psycho?)  

And besides--there is that little rule: confidence = greatness.
Fake it till it's real. That's my motto.


See---real crazies don't use their easel-they bend over for an hour painting it on the floor.
(Rolling eyes. What is wrong with me---seriously.)

 Okay, that's it for today. It's midnight and that means time for my mini vacay in the pages of a book. I'll see you when I see you partner.
(I'm a cowgirl now. Stay with me.)


  1. Ooooh, love the bag and SUPER love the houndstooth quilt! So cute!

    I know what you mean about Jon Hamm... I saw him in real life one time, and he had a pretty glorious beard going on... I was smitten!

    1. Oh my goodness, stop--stop right there....you are making my heart flutter! LOLllll "glorious beard" ---I will never forget that line. Love it. ;)

  2. So know what you mean, I get all grumpy if I don't get a creative fix for a few days :-) Love love loving the bag and the quilt - love it more for the fact that is has that randomness going on in the middle :-) The other quilt is going to be awesome (have spent far too much time with my teen boy lol) too ....... are you going to be able to escape to the creative catch up this Friday? I am going to try and run over there kid free for the first time in weeks .... bring the girls along if you like I will help keep them entertained :-)

    1. Oh snap--I didn't know it was kosher to bring kids! I'm there! :D hahahaha

  3. You make me laugh......wish I could think like you....and the quirky square MAKES the quilt!!! Love it.


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