Sponge Bob "silky" quilt & painting gone wild.

This quilt is for my daughter, who seems to have a Sponge Bob crush going on right now. 

Her only request was to include silky fabric. So the opposite side is done is teal satin ~ (in hopes it appears to be the ocean, that's what I was going for artistically).  I explained that to her but it went in one ear and..... yeah.


The bright colors make me smile.

The silky fabric makes her smile.

Though I have to say, there is something about sewing with satin that makes me want to set my hair on fire.

But it's worth it if I get a smile like this:

It's a silky monster!

It's been outside, dragged (surely it's not "drug" right?) throughout the house, and in bed again every night---as children do. Doesn't bother me, it will be washed once a week. 
Good 'nuff. 

A little bit-o-germ helps the immune system.  Right? lol

After that project we all needed a release, so we hit the markers, coloring pencils, and paint with a vengeance.

You can download these awesome coloring pages at  Coloring Castle. com .  ( Free)

So cool.

I had to join in when I saw the Calaveras--major awsomeness.

 Painting with nature.


After this, it all went downhill fast.
Picture hand prints e v e r y w h e r e.


"It's artistic expression." I told my brain while my heart started to go into palpitations. It's okay it's okay.... It's not permanent paint... (Um...yes it is..oh sh*tballs!)  Count to ten. Ommm.

Deep inhale. Om.

I told you I'd be needing those Oms.

I won't show you a picture because we rent this house. Yeah.

See ya soon ;)


  1. Those fabrics are so fun and nice to do happy quilts once in awhile.
    I used to set up the table for crafts and the kids, always fun to let them create and give mom time to unwind;)


  2. What a perfect quilt! So happy and fun!!!

  3. Darling quilt...youvall are having fun!

  4. Love that quilt and yes germs are good for you so let her drag or drug it anywhere she likes lol. oooohhhh black handprints, do you think WD40 would work to get them off like it did the crayon off our cupboard? That stuff if magic ! :-)

  5. LOL about the painted handprints everywhere! I'm sure they'll come out...eventually! PS: I think I walked past you and the girls at Sainsbury's yesterday, but I haven't met you in person and didn't want to seem creepy by saying hi!

  6. Oh snap Erin! You shoulda just flagged me down, I'm cool with it-would never think you're creepy. LOL :D


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