Small, simple, glorious, wonderfullnessessss.

Oh I do love color

 Do you ever need a "pick-me-up" and only a quickie shop will do it?
I know what you were thinking when I said "quickie".  Pervs.

The glitter was the icing on the cake on this notebook, I had to have it.

And when I saw these, well -frankly I think my heart stopped beating.

The Hamsa.
Lotus flower.
Hello gorgeousness.
Sorry about the quality of these pics-I was drunk. (No not really. I wish.)

 I need to have my friends handcuff me before walking into Accessorize.
That might be kinda fun actually....(evil laugh).

 I'm like a piece of metal when I see magnets--especially in French. Oui si vous plait.
  You're thinking : Stop. (I know).

A brand new Quilting magazine, what?
How has this escaped my unwavering indomitable quil-dar?
It's funky and fresh, I really like this lady on the front cover- she quilts with polys left from the 1970's. 
I love that someone other than John Travolta can rock the poly.

*And can I just add that I have a mirror (disco) ball hanging above my liquor cabinet (say it like "lick-quor" to feel special & cool like me).
And yes I love John too because he has the biggest dimple chin I've ever laid eyes on. 

Next topic.

 Piles of magazines in various locations may drive everyone mad, but look what I find at the most unconventional of times....like this one:

 Makes me sit back and smile.


 I intended to give this coloring book to my kids, but then...
I wanted to colour Kate. I mean, she's my fAAAveourite Duchess (like) Ever.

(Other than myself of course. Oh you didn't know? In this household I am Duchess, Her Ladyship and Ms. Ma'm all wrapped into one. That's right.)
 Someone said to me once "you want to be obeyed." Damn straight sucka. Don't you? 
I sound like a dictator now. Oh well. bahahahahaha

 She's so pretttttyyyyyy.

Here's my space after an impulsive washi tape and spray paint attack make over.  Sometimes I feel sorry for my neighbors, then I get over it. 
(Paint) fumes are good every once in a while, they make one appreciate clarity of mind after they have passed.

It's all in your point of view.

I don't know why my pics are loading all blurry--alas, it's the evil  pixel creatures inside my 'puter. 

 My friends make fun of my faux glasses/spectacles. See them there on the left?
I look super awesome in them, and triple quadruple to the 10th power smart in them, so whatever.
(fingers shaped in W on forehead)

Speaking of "point of view"....

more magazine wisdom
See what I mean?!

Which reminds me to tell everyone about the book I just read called

Amazing. Brilliant. Genius.
Superb. Easy to read but not "dumbed down"....

I have the urge to write the author and tell him what this book means to me. (What a nerd, but at least I own it.)


So I know this is a random post, but maybe you feel like we're neighbors now?

 *I am in need of a new acronym as I completely overuse "lol" please help.  Or I will start making up new ones with lots of cuss words in them and I'll post them here and on FB and you will feel left out.
(I made that up. Don't Google it or something, duh.)



Peace out.
I like you and stuff.

 ****Just wondering--do you find John Travolta hot or not?



  1. I LOVED this post and I liked how it was random (random is fun)! And I think he's hot :)

  2. Oooh, your sewing space is so fabulous! You're an inspiration to us all (or at least to me!)! Gotta get in there and clean up my little pigsty! Sorry, JT, but... no.

  3. Oh. My. Gawd (as you would say)!!! How do you do it?!?! How do you manage to verbalize and capture the thoughts going on in your mind that makes me just want more more more more!!! You've had other posts like this, and I dunno, I feel like I'm sitting next to you having tea (or wine). It is so great, so fabulous, makes me laugh and want to write my thoughts out and make people LOL. But somehow, when I write mine out, it's all jumbled and weird. Just like when I talk. hahahaha
    I love your work space. Colorful happy with stuff you like.
    Travolta? Totally hot, but he's gotta be swinging his hips.


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)