School's Out!

LAST Day of Reception for Mia.

My how time goes quickly.

 Now she corrects my pronunciation. 

 And laughs when I tell her we Americans say things a bit differently, and that's okay. 

 "Oh mommy (mum-aaaa) you are so silly (sill-aaaa)!" she retorts.

We had balloons, wall buntings, sparklers, and lots of homemade chocolate chip ice cream.

But let's set things straight. I am facing these next six weeks with a tiny bit of trepidation.....sort of.

Kids need LOTS of attention, lots of activities  and lots of patience.

Deep inhale. OM. 
 (I think I'll need lots of Om's this holiday.)

My three year old is so bossy.
Wonder where the heck she gets it from. (Whistling and shrugging.)

We climbed the ginormous branch Daddy cut down to hopefully (fingers crossed) give us better internet connection via our satellite.

***** It can only get better. *****

For the wall bunting I just cut into my scrap pile. It took 5 min, but really jazzed up the place. 

My idea put into water colors--

 I made it through the school year too, so therefore I thought I deserved a present as well. Here it is:

Awwwwwweee yeah!

My husband said "I was going to buy you a bottle of wine" (for making it through).
I replied--- "Do you know me at all? Fabric Man,  f a b r i c     is always the answer."

Or books.

Or a sail boat.

Or chocolate.

Maybe not in that order, but ya know....

All I know is that school run makes me insane.
It's called a double lane road or a parking lot  ----'scuse me, car park, England.   Get some. 
(This is for my American friends, be grateful for big roads and parking lots. I love GB, but daaaaayum....)

Cheers to the holidays!

Is it time for PIMMS yet? 

C'mon over, let's drink lunch.

(This one's for you Zoe.)     ;)


  1. Great blogging!!! I want a Pimm!

    hugs to the girls. Enjoy the summer, wish I could be there.

  2. Your kids are so cute!!!!!

  3. lol only just read this, omg I need that pims right now :-D I am so missing my creative time .... you know that nice quiet creative time ...... oohhhh I dream of it :-) Have a fab school hols x


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