Fly Away Birdy ...a maxi skirt make

I made this floaty skirt today, from the fabric won over at Gingermakes .

It was meant to be, as the sun was shining and I think it was nearly 80 F (a miracle here in the UK). 

The relentless wind only added to the romantic notion of long skirts and crochet details. 

It's so light and silky, I just love it. I put a zipper closure in the side seam and lined the waist band with two layers of cotton to give it some stability. A tiny rolled hem at the bottom gives it enough weight to hang nicely but doesn't weigh it down like a wide hem might. 

Crochet top bought at TK Maxx.
Jewels are mostly vintage finds, the cuff bracelet in green is a Mr Darcy quote from Wuthering Heights I bought on Etsy.
Gold necklace Lotus flower & Shakti via online shop from India.
My grandmother's (faux) pearls -very vintage ;)
Crochet headband via Baca Creations (on Etsy).

I sort-of followed a pattern, but then, not really. I get frustrated when patterns add all these steps that aren't needed. C'mon let's do it already! 
So...I only used the waistband instructions and then did the skirt bit on my own. Not difficult at all. You should try making one too.

 "You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."  -Mr. Darcy

If only men talked like that nowadays ....

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I was so inspired by this day I opened my art journal from 2006. I'll show you this:


I love hearts.
I love nice people.
I love pink.
I love coffee & chocolate. Together.
I love hugs.
I love sunsets.
I love Barber's adagio for strings.
I love dimple chins.
I love anything Italian. 
I love the sound of full on- no-holds-barred laughter.
I love the ocean.
I love making new friends.
I love sailboats.
I love the pounding of horses hooves in the garden outside.
I love deep turquoise and emerald green.
I love sparklers.
I love piles of magazines and books.
I love a fabric sale.
I love heartache poetry.
I love  having HOPE for a better tomorrow.


Ponder for a moment what you love. It puts a smile on your face, doesn't it? ;)

Ciao bellas.


  1. Yeah, girl! Looks gorgeous on you-- so floaty and romantic (well, maybe not as romantic as Mr. Darcy, but as close as you can get!)! Nice work!!!

  2. Very lovely.. it looks great with all the fashion detalis, love the top too...and the bejeweled stone bracelet was a find from your mama and you at that second hand store, right?

  3. Love that skirt and love your photos, just gorgeous! I am not sure you would love my full on laughter - I get the piggles if I go over the top and full or snort like a pig :-)


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