DIY Art Shoes

I wanted leopard Chuck Taylors but dang it, I ain't payin' £55 for them. No Sir.


This is the project that ensued.
Atmosphere (at Primark) shoes, Sharpie markers, and a bit of champagne to ignite the creative fires.

The kids had a blast. I did too, and I was even happier by the end because it worked out-whoop whoop!
Or maybe it was the bottle of Asti....never mind.

I'm thinking these will look great with rolled cuff boyfriend jeans and a white tee, lots of arm candy, and lots and
 L O T S of attitude. Mmmmhmm
 Hear it now. 


I'm loving Ruby's expressionist style--she made me want to buy another pair to do like hers. 

(As I schedule another shopping trip with my girl-posse in Cambs. A girl has needs ya know.)
Real talk.

 Mia's dragons (a three headed one BTW) are killing with street cred.

I mean, have you seen "How to Train Your Dragon"?   (Nodding head, eyebrows raised...)

Just sayin'.

 Her shades are leopard print, she smacks of style ya'll.

Even the interior got artsy. Look at the embellishment on that "a".  Double snaps.

Maybe they'll end up at Columbia one day.
I will be that mom hanging around campus just to capture some coolness from all those artsy lovers. 

Don't judge (my bottle). I'm totally down with wine from a box, so this is a step up for me- drinking the bubbly.

Belle dress --Check.
Shoes by Rubes-- Check.
Attitude-- B I G check.
Ready to go out on the town.


Go have some fun and do a pair for yourself. 

You know you want to. ;)


  1. just so brilliant!!! Cute and very stylin' kids! Fun with great results :)

  2. I can see designers of the future.. Great creative art work....xx

  3. Those are so cute! Love this idea! It actually reminds me of the Keds everyone had back in the early 90s that came with colored pencils so you can color them yourself. :)


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