A peek into my life-Maritime Mini VACAY.

If you need a review of Naval history, google the Battle of Trafalgar. Nelson is a British hero. (I always argue it's the minions under him that are the actual heroes, -like the captain of the boat and stuff (hello) --but let me not start a fight.)
I would add links for you, but we all know what I'm dealing with here as far as internet connections. 

We had a mini vacay in Portsmouth, and boy we didn't hold back at all. 

The Mary Rose, The Victory, Sea & Maritime museums, Spinnaker Tower, Harbor Cruise, Outlet mall, Yo Sushi, on and on. It was SO fab.
 I am so grateful to have a family that basically let's me be a dictator and decide on our vacation destinations, including what we'll see and won't see. Bahahaha. I don't "do" anarchy, so it's better this way they know. 


I boats.
I think it's almost an addiction.
Can one be "addicted" to the sea, boats, and maritime stuff in general?

I think if I were skinnier I'd dress in that  (American) white sailor garb daily. Maybe.
The hat at least. That's Hot. 

When we "go home for good" we're gonna do it by boat. Not kidding. 
Seven days on the Atlantic. It's gonna be SO Luxe.

Inside the Victory. I loved the atmosphere, as  you can imagine--bit dark, lots of ropes, lots of wood,....

Sounds ummm---likeMr.Grey's house.  (Of course they'd get a British actor. But Of course darlings. I think Britainiamania has hit an all new high.)  Let's move on before it gets hot in here.

The Mary Rose museum was epic (for me anyways).
I don't think one has to be a Henry VIII enthusiast or a Maritime Fanatic to appreciate the history, work, effort, time, and energy this place exhibits. Stunning.

View from Spinnaker Tower.


  1. What a wonderful vacation and I love boats too.
    I come from a long line of sailing men, who came over from england and holland.


    1. Amazing Debbie. I love to look at your pics on your blog, makes me want to live next door. ;)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the boats in my neck of the woods - sometimes when you live to close you forget to appreciate them and seeing them through someone elses eyes makes you remember!

    1. Very true Laura,...I lived in D.C. and hardly touched the museums...I still can't believe myself. I love Portsmouth and surrounding area, just FAB.

  3. What a great trip...your girls are so educated in history....they will remember all the times you took them on adventures!!

  4. history is sooo interesting. Glad you get to dictate where and what to do. And what I got out of it all?? YO sushi!!! I miss that placE! ;)

  5. Wow, this is so cool! What awesome boats! And leopard-y shoes-- fabulous!


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