I'm still here.

Hi friends. 

I've missed you.

I've been quilting.
I've been searching for the perfect dress. (More on that later.)
I've been running here, running there, running everywhere. (No, not literally-I'm not that good.)

I've been battling the internet blues again-not only faulty connection and satellite woes, but also that feeling of pulling away from online life. 

More tea, less computer.

More special moments that flitter away, ah--- how lovely those moments are. 

Just this morning I glimpsed two gold finches flirting with each other. Then the trees were talking in the wind, just like Aspen trees-have you ever heard them? Nothing else like it on Earth.

So don't write me off. I'm still here. Still sewing, still conjuring up some tutorials to keep you busy this summer, still talkin' smack.

I just need a teeny time out.
Or maybe I just need to say that so you "get me". . .



Here's a peek at what my machine and I have been up to:

This pattern was in Quilty magazine. I adore hounds tooth and chevrons, so this had me at hello. 

So did Tom Cruise- till he went all weirdo Mcpsycho on Oprah's couch....but that's SO ten years ago. Pssshish. For some reason I still can't get it out of my head though. They say crazy people attract even crazier people.  Bahahaha.  

I made one Americana quilt, and here's the starting pile of my second one: (like I said --starting pile).  I have to cut about 100 more squares.  omgomgomgomg ........Ommmmmm...... Namaste. ....  (enter yoga pose & gong sound).
...and incense...gotta have the Nag Champa baby.

I covertly bought some new fabric to make a quilted table runner for a super lady--she collects Royal Albert tableware in Old Country Roses

It's got to be one of my favorite patterns by Royal Albert. Click over and take a glimpse, it will stop your heart for a pitter.   

And then there was this.............
Nine blocks of Union Flag madness. It's going to be absolutely mental. I can't wait to finish it.

Each block takes me almost an hour. Yeah. 
Cray cray.

It's allllllll good.

Know why?

'Cause I have this playin' in the background.
I know I know..said it before....but daaaayum

I think it's because he's always donning those spectacles and reading literature. 
I like em' smart and bad.     Got me?    LOL

Have I digressed yet again? 
Oh me. Oh my...

Since I need a warm up before I attack those Union Flag blocks, I decided to make more of my classic coffee cozies. These will be in the shop at Unique Boutique for $6--or message me and I'll get one to you in the mail.


 Just sayin'.

Like my hardcore sales push?  hahahaha ;)

it arrived in the mail again  -  leopard fabric.

Not sure how it keeps happening...maybe I sleep walk and order fabric in leopard print while my subconscious is in charge. 
Errm---yeah, I'll go with that.  

Anyways, I made myself a camera strap that is worthy of the Diva that I am. Meow.


Always, I repeat, always embrace your inner Diva.
Never know what she may bring out in ya'.


Yeah baby 
(I can't help it, Austin Powers is awesome.)

See you soon.



  1. lol I do love reading your blog, it never fails to make me smile :-) Love a bit of Austin Powers and love your Union Jacks - just fab! Love everything else you created too. x

  2. Oh my, way to start my day. You can come up with the right words to make one feel good and smile. Thanks for today.


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