Hobbies or Business?

I'm in a bit of a pickle dear readers...

After another monster Union Flag quilt I am left wondering: do I continue to quilt for cash or do I keep them for my own stash?

If time = money.....
 It ain't enough.


 I need LOTS of hugs,
 lots of tea, lots of sweet "nothing to say but I love you and can't wait to see you again" type text messages, and lots more time to compensate.
I'm a needy bitch, I know.  Grrr.

I love this one. It's humongous. Ginormous. Immense. Took me like a gazillion trillion hours--or sew it seemed.  

That moment when you realize (even though you already knew) that sewing for cash doesn't really make you money. Not really. 
You do it because you like to do it. 

Do you harbor that ugly monster of constantly thinking "Oh I don't want to tell her no or disappoint her."
Because I do. 


Even though I'm chuffed with this one, I won't be making it again, for anyone.
Am I being selfish? Maybe. Maybe not.

I'll still make the smaller items, quilt them, whatevs....
Those I can handle, in this busy life you & I &(everyone) leads- I have to be able to handle it.

To not be antisocial-crazy-sewing at 2am style mama that I am right now, lookin' a hot mess when I take my kids to school because I woke at 5am to keep sewing. 
Ummm, over it. Yesterday.

In the last three weeks I've finished three ginormous quilts, two small throw quilts, a quilted table runner, plus loads of smaller items like camera straps and purses. Can you say sweat shop? Uh huh.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, I do love you, I do adore you, but I won't be taking further quilt orders anymore. 

Nope, not even for you Henry Cavill.

errrmm....mayyyybe I could make an excepti...NO.

Paid orders will be completed, don't freak out. I can hear my phone ringing already--"What!? Where's my quilt?"  ----People looooooove their drama. Rolling eyes.

And just when I start thinking I've got my sh*t together, 
--- there's my Dad building yet ANOTHER airplane, from scratch,   ... again....   

I mean, seriously-who can top that? 
(Oh I know:)

No one.

There he is in the famous red hat. At work again.   

In the end, the only way to live is to do what you love. End of story.

Who's this chap with the red hat? Dad, do you have a fan club? They dress like you too. 

Kinda missing my peeps this summer, in a big way. Maybe it's time to head home. ;)

Yeah, like that.




  1. I know how much I don't make when I do my taxes every year and the expense column is higher than the profit, lol. I haven't sold anything in ages, but I still sell patterns.


  2. I'd buy that quilt in a heartbeat if you can bear to part with it.

  3. Dear Natalie: I understand completely. Then, there's my "ya snooze, ya lose" going through my head right now. I so wanted one of your Union Jack quilts and held off too long. Oh, well, I'll have to pull out a pattern and figure out one for myself. You deserve the break. You deserve to make more money for your time and talent. You deserve all the best, including time with your family. Just know that I've been envying your work from afar. No one I know can turn out beautiful things as quickly as you can...and also blog about it in such a delightful way. Looking at your dad and his imperative to create, I can see where you get your ethic from.
    Love you bunches.

    1. Oh thank you Donna, lots of love to you lady...such a lovely comment. And yes, if you decide to make a UJ quilt it would be soo fabulous, you have such talent. :) ♥♥

  4. You have to sew for the love of it, I mostly stick to making quilts for family and really close friends and only as gifts. I make an exception for baby quilts, they take a couple of hours and use odds and ends of fabric, I get asked to make them on a regular basis and just make enough profit to buy more fabric and threads.

    1. Always great to have the supplies paid for right Pam? Baby quilts may be all I will offer for sale, in the future. ;)

  5. I think too, maybe the idea of giving someone joy through your quilting is part of it. But yes, you gotta take care of you and yours.


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)