Care to peek at our Royal Ascot adventure?

I have learned that when one lives in England darling, one learns to love horses and racing, especially when the champagne is flowing and the hats are styling. 

Mmmm yes, ---yes indeed.

Hats via Hannah's Hat Hire in Fordham, a lovely place. 

 Hannah took care of us, we each had different hats booked, but when we tried everything on you could see Hannah's eyes roll back. I can still hear her,
"Oh no darling, that doesn't go at all...May I try this one on you? Ah yes, that's it. Absolutely mental."  ;) 

 Who is that dapper chap?!!
With a posh brolly in his hand, no less. Prepared for that devil called English weather.

The wind was whipping and the rain poured but we still managed to be ultra super duper fabulous, because really--what choice did we have? This is England. It rains. All the time. 

 Fabulosity is a state of mind, don't ever forget it.

Everything is better with three or four or five bottles of champagne.

 (They were so pretty, I had to...)

(slightly stalkerish)

Then it happened, the pinnacle of the entire event:

(I mean seriously, who cares about betting and money and horses and jockeys when the QUEEN is in town?)

She was closer than this appears on my camera, as I was shedding tear after tear and my pics didn't turn out. I couldn't help it, I love her. I really, really do.

I don't think it gets any better than being mere meters from the Queen. Well, not for mere mortals like me anyway. 

 On to more hats:

 Everyone gathered around the band stand and sang until the very end. It was SO lovely. 
God Save the Queen  (You can listen to this link if you like-if you are American you will recognize the tune as a completely different song.)

Somebody must have dropped their pants, by the look on Von's face. I am clearly much to drunk to care.

There it is, Royal Ascot 2013.

A memory for life.

Thank you Von & K.



  1. Fabulous, just simply fabulous!!!!! You and von and the guys were knockouts!!

  2. and oh.......the hats are outfingstanding!!!!

  3. Wowzer! Awesome hats! Looks like a fun day!

  4. Oh,my, looks like such, SUCH fun. I would definitely enjoy wearing a fancy hat =). Thanks for stopping by Stitched in Color. I hope the star tutorial sets you off on a happy path!


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