Aquas and Pinks Union Jack quilt

I can't believe it, I was on a deadline and I did it in record time. 
Pressure benefits me perhaps. (?)

 This is going to a great gal, a hard working military mama. I her. Here's to all active duty mamas out there, YOU ROCK!

As for so many of my friends leaving country right now---
this is the military life, we'll see each other again one day. 

It's not good bye, it's see you later. 

Total nightmare, but somehow it worked:
 Fits across a King size bed width wise, length it's about half of that.

The back is calming light aqua and gray
(Love the calming effect in anything...)

I made the binding too, by hand- since I don't have the adapter to make three inch binding on my Simplicity machine. (Booo.)

This isn't all pat myself on my own back ya'll. I'm just amazed I didn't f*ck it up, to be perfectly honest. There.

Now you know.

Must have been the Buddha Bar music. 
Because let me tell you, yesterday I had LOST playing while I was sewing and I just...kept...messing...up. I cannot focus with that hillbilly hot lips Sawyer on the screen. OMYGAWD.... Yes I am about six years behind in TV. Don't laugh. 

....and why oh why do I always like the bad boys?
I aggravate myself.

Alrighty, time to finish the next quilt up for another lady who's been more than patient with me. :)
See ya soon.


  1. Oh My Goodness....I cannot believe it! Beautiful!!!

  2. That is a wonderful piece, love how you changed up the colors.



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