Working on another quilt. I'm doing "quilt as you go" method on this one. 
We shall see how it turns out.

 I hand stitched this after not being so pleased with it done free motion stitched by machine. Still working on my pattern so when it goes live it's clear and easy to understand. 

Here's a tea cup I found at the boot sale this weekend. It reminds me of Gatsby. Kinda Art Deco-ish. Maybe Leonardo is just on my mind...( Not DaVinci though he's cool too, I'm just not a fan of beards LOL.) 

I'm bored already.

Time for some COLOR pOp


 Working on a backdrop. 

My friend Kate gave me these candles, along with candle stick holders.

OMG she KNOWS me.  Sqeeeeeeeeal!

 Yes, we spray painted the skeleton. Then I decided I need that in my room for a bit of inspiration.
If you don't like skulls, we can't be friends. 

I'm nearly bunted out....
Sew so many buntings in the works right now.

 My sewing room window, newly dressed in a curtain. Fabric is Jennifer Paganellli. Try not to look at my mess. ;)

Amy Butler fabric was on sale last week, so I went a little nutz. Ummmm..I better get sewin' ya'll. 

(I hope the husband doesn't read my blog.) As if.

See ya soon. :)

What are you sewing this week?

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