Whoot whoot for Windsor! Funnest Mother's Day yet.

Is he twelve? Look at that face. I think these must be ROTC kids or something...I mean, who would do this all day, being terrorized by dumb tourists wanting a photo op with the bear hat red coat? 
(Rolling eyes)  I can just hear what he's thinking....can't you? LMAO

   Yeah, I was a total tourist. I was goaded into it by the husband...really. Honest.

 Look I photo bombed that guys pic --there in the left corner. hahahahaha

I have a thing for curtain walls. And castles. And palaces. And and and and and......never mind.

Queen Victoria motions the coach to park right---- here.

Crooked building alert. 

Look at these ADORBS signs! I was snapping all sorts of pics of the signs. I act like I know something when doing this, people always take a second look wondering what the deal is. If I'm really clever I start pointing and speaking in Spanish, acting all excited and stuff.....Hey, I get a laugh, that's all that matters.

I spotted a sign there:  "Jug of Pimms £10"

I turned to my husband and said "Oh let's go in there and get pissed!"  (With a way too loud of a voice and much too much enthusiasm.)
He wasn't amused and said ~ (far too reasonably I might add) "We have the kids with us."

I said it would be even more of an adventure to transverse Windsor whilst under the influence. 
(We didn't drive darlings, we were on a coach.)

Well, after about three seconds of debate, he did not concur.

What a party pooper.

(Sticking my tongue out.)

Duchess Kate was chilling in the phone booth- umm...on her mobile phone.... (?)

I still think Dover Castle is my favorite, but Windsor was on my bucket list for sure. It's the law I think, if you live in England you must visit Windsor. :D 
Thank you husband for making it happen.

Cheerio. Darlings.

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