Union Flag patch work quilt

 The task to finish a quilt includes mopping the floor several times, taping the backing down to the floor, then sandwiching the batting in middle (while smoothing all the wrinkles out), and then laying the top on it all. The whole time smoothing and resmoothing it out to prevent wrinkles and whiskers. Then once it's all good, I pin it with safety pins every few inches to secure everything in place. Then I roll it up like a burrito and carry it upstairs to quilt.  

After everything is finished including the binding, I wash it in my machine and dry it, just to be sure no cooties are still on it. 

This little lovely went to a good friend of mine, who happens to adorn my house with her custom painted furniture. ;)

Quilting it:

Attaching the binding:

These quilts are made with tiny two inch (5cm) squares. So ummm, yeah--they take me a while to make. 




  1. I love all the process shots! Thanks for taking the time for that. It is so helpful to see how everyone works. Quite a nice quilt and love the binding!

    1. Thanks J, I made the binding to match...glad someone else appreciates it! :D

  2. Wonderful quilt and quilting. I hate having to do the smoothing and pinning part and have been using iron on batting.
    I do prefer regular batting for good quilts though.


  3. This is such a great quilt - I have only found the block version of this, not a full size flag pattern. Did you make it up yourself? Have shared this or do you plan to :)



I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)