Snapshots of Edinburgh

What my eyes see.

I know I annoy my friends with all my picture taking. Oh well, get over it, or don't travel with me. Plain and simple.

Ummm..what? LOL

Next time I'll take my trainers (aka tennis shoes)....These streets were hell on my flat feet bedecked in boots.
I sound like an old lady. Bleh.

A door in Edinburgh Castle.

I went to support friends in their running adventures. 

It was lovely to see the enthusiasm, but I must say---a quiet crowd when compared to my Chicago peeps. ;)  ♥  That's okay, we're in Britain. Remain calm & controlled at all times, unless watching football (soccer). :P   I don't get it. It's whatevs.

I almost fainted when I hopped on the bus, clad in tartan seats. 
 I would've really fainted if Gerard was on board. Yeah, I know, he wouldn't be on a bus....I can have dreams ya know. 

Work it!
Own it!

Peace out.


  1. What a wonderful area to visit.


  2. I used to live in Edinburgh, I miss it a lot.

  3. Interesting pictures....you are so good!

  4. Love the photo of the building on the hill and the stairs. So did that sign mean that If you're not stupid you'll stop I there instead of passin by? And you didn't stay for the big snuggle?!? At least in the last photo they're enjoying a snuggle :)

  5. Gorgeous photos!! Thanks for sharing them! Love your flag quilt too :)

  6. Loving the fact that someone else takes as many photos as me whilst out lol. My kids even run to me and tell me when they see a good photo opportunity now - I am training them well :-)


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