Homemade Soft jumbo pretzels

Easy bake homemade pretzels made with whole wheat flour. These are virtually fat free, so dip them in melted cream cheese honey pies. 
Yes- do it, it is gorgeous. If you are old enough to remember Hot Sam in the malls of America, then hold on to your pants because this is it.  
(My mouth is watering, I'll be back in a second. Need another pretzel.)

Put the kids to work after school with some pretzel making. Almost mistake proof-- just flour, water, and yeast. Bam.
Okay, so a pinch of sugar and salt too, if you wanna get technical. 

Find the recipe here: on Sally's website.

Roll dough into "snakes", wrap around, paint with egg wash, bake. Done. Eat.

Did I mention I hail from Pretzel City, USA? 

Yes, my high school mascot was....(wait for it)......


Now you understand why I am so weird. Perhaps. Maybe. 

Nothing like a big fat wobbly pretzel to install fear into the hearts of opponents on the sporting field.

I was thinking of giving you dear readers a complete informative lecture on pretzels---then I found my brain.  (You're welcome.)


If you fancy a Wiki read, looky here
I can't resist a bit of useless trivia  knowledge. 
It's an addiction. 

(It has been a lifelong hope that someday I will win Trivial Pursuit !  Big Sigh.)
bahahahaha I digress yet again.


No dipping in boiling water. No meat, no cheeses, no 48 step process here. There is really no excuse to not make these soft and luscious yummies. 

*And for the record we melted cream cheese in the microwave for 28 seconds and it was perrrrrrfect. MMhmm, purrrring like a kitty here after this snack. 

You know you want some.



  1. You are not serious! Your mascot was a pretzel? LOL! That's awesome.

    Anyway, my husband is kind of addicted to Auntie Anne's pretzels in the malls (do you remember those?) so we try to make them at home and they always turn out horrible. We'll have to try this recipe and maybe we'll get a winner!

  2. I'll be over.....
    Nothing has EVER compared to Hot Sam....


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