Food, Tea, Coffee, oh my!

This past weekend we expanded out palates with a cute little alien looking fruit called the Kiwano. "Why not?" Mia said as she picked it out in the shop. I took a good look and thought (as you do, as a mother--"I'm about to waste $3 on this thing")....The man shopping next to us just watched with a smile as we discussed it.  In the end she won, and here we are, opening our minds a bit. 

It was ...okay. Kinda smushy, but sweet like a Kiwi.


Later that day we collected some nettles from the garden and made nettle tea

You can do this too, it's so fantastically simple. 

Eartheasy blog has a great recipe with photographed directions. All the benefits are listed out as well, so you can unwrinkle your forehead right now and read that before you judge a nettle. Bahahahaha

For one thing, it aids digestion. 'Nuf said.

 It tasted like spinach to me. But then, I take my tea without milk or sugar now. Gasp! I know. Sick.

I was so inspired with all this close-to-the-Earth nourishment that I progressed to baking these bitty muffins, made with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, almonds, almond flour, and other stuff I've already blanked. 

They are quite the healthy snack indeed. The recipe is from Elana's Pantry. She is an amazing gluten-free chef, I love everything I make from her book.

These were hearty, tasty, and healthy. And those huge man hands are not mine ya'll. 

The husband even ate them-even though I told him there was no sugar or oil. Double- triple gasp!

After a bit of nourishment it was time to work in the garden. We had a few hours of sunshine and man, was I ready for it. Seriously. Need sun. 

I may be a pseudo healthy person but I like me a tan.....A la' Christy Brinkley or Cindy Crawford style. I grew up with that as a beauty ideal, I can't help it.
Ya dig me?  (Your answer: "Like a garden.")

I am so pale I'm see-through right now. I nearly match the natives. (Heeheeeheee slight dig at the English. You know I love you so chin up.)

The Bluebells have arrived. Yippeeee!

We found Lilacs in our garden...it was an ecstatic moment for us all. I had poured Miracle Grow on this shrub last year hoping it was something special, but I didn't realize it was a Lilac bush...So so lovely.

 I love it when the apple tree blossoms and they fall, it's like magic. I tried to catch them mid flight, but alas, I did not. I sat there instead and smiled, as they fell around me. I felt like a fairy princess for a moment.

I weeded all day.

This is a weed right? I can't find it in any book. It's EVERYwhere.....literally.

 Prickly stems and leaves, purple flowers...proliferates over everything else. Huge. What else can I say-it's annoying.

The girls planted their seeds including strawberries, pansies, herbs, and lettuce.
I let them each pick out packets at the garden shop. Now it's their responsibility to keep them watered.

image via Pinterest

Is it too much to ask that I have a statue made for the garden like this one--in my likenes, with obvious edits and reconstruction in the various parts? LOL  Is that vain? Oh I dare say not. Perhaps a celebration of the female goddess in us all, yes? 

***** Anyways....carrying on....

I'm ready for a nice, rich coffee. Do you remember my post about the coffee that is better than that three letter word starting with "s"? ----- Yeah, that one.  

Oh man, it is my fave treat, I only have coffee once every three days or so now, so it is even more special than before. Slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp.

Oh that's my mom drinking coffee, not me. I don't slurp darlings, I'm civilized now from all this cultural learning whilst living amongst the English. Or as my English friends tell me, "We'll try to civilize you darling. We'll try."    meow

(  Love you Mama.  )

My music Sadhana just stopped, so I know I've spent far too much time blogging. 
Time to get my sew on. 

See ya'll soon.


Just remember- you could die tomorrow, so make the most of right now. 



  1. Noticed the egg shells, are those for slugs or sowing seeds? and do they work?

    BTW love the blog and I don't have time for many, so happy to have found you. Brings a bit of US to my UK day...



    1. Hi Joy :) The eggshells are indeed to keep the slugs away, so far they've worked...I'm told they work against other pests as well. I'll pop over to say hi on your site now. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it so much. ♥ Happy Day.


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)