Baking Day

Homemade granola bars are so much healthier than store bought. Perfect to pop in the kid's lunch box.
 So easy and SO delish.   Find the recipe here

 Lemon Blueberry Poppy seed muffins were being stalked by the skateboard toy dude. I came back to find them all eaten. Nice. This is a hairy bikers recipe, (minus the poppy seeds) find it here

I think they probably aren't so "skinny" when I end up eating four of them at once...thanks Zoe. ;)

Let me make your mouth water with my homemade ciabatta bread:

I used this recipe. I've made three batches so far, all worked really well. (Who knew it was so easy?)

 Whole wheat, white, and then strong white with sourdough below.

The husband LOVES Ciabatta, so I make it. 
(As I try really hard not to eat it myself. )

I'm not so sure I'm into this self deprivation of grains (a la Paleo diet)...I ♥ bread.

Meet baby loaf.

Isn't she cute? I'm baking these to send with the husband to work. 


Okay, enough of the food posts eh? LOL

Happy Day to you all.


  1. Are those lemon cupcakes good or what! Couldn't believe how nice they tasted! Am going to have to make some for Friday :-) x

  2. Man, this all looks lovely! I'm not much into baking (I know how, but would rather spend my time on other things generally), but your food photos always make it seem so fun!


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)