Things I've picked up this week.

 Super duper cute fabric remnants at Dolly & Poppy in Soham. LOVE that shop. 

 Washi tape stack sitting there among my purple dinosaur drawing and painted tins. 
It's so pretty I don't want to use it and mess it up. What do you make with Washi?

Heart pins at the boot sale. I KNOW.  
And the lovely little lady with white hair selling her sewing bits, well folks I just wanted to hug her and feed her some scones and tea. 

I looked through the vintage lace pile forEVER.
Couldn't buy anything by that time though, I'd spent all my cash. I did offer an organ but she didn't go for it.
Now my liver is self conscious. 

 I'm into lime green, yellow, and gray right now-- not necessarily together. 

 Bought this at the boot sale too:

I mean seriously, just look at the font. For realz.

I love to see handwriting or messages/inscriptions in books. It makes me think about the lives it's passed through. Poetry--well it does me in every time. Have you given it a try?

 My current sewing obsession for all the travelers of the world: passport wallets. Never have an anxiety attack again whilst traveling darlings! These babies will keep your ports and papers tidy and ready for inspection by the boarder patrol people.  (Agents? Police? What are they actually, officially called? Gestapo? Never mind.)
(I think they could all use a cup of tea as well, personally...Maybe some sparkly conversation too. A kiss,...well maybe that's taking human affection a step too far, eh?) Unless we're in Paris, then it's always right to give a kiss. Or two.

 Some friends of mine commented why I didn't have any purple fabric. I immediately felt compelled to fix that.  I mean, it's only right, right? 
No color left behind.

And a $5 telescope at the Good Will occupied us for a while, especially useful with clothes pegs in the hair. 

I won't tell you what we were looking at....or "who"....It might have been you.    ;)   

I'll leave you with that bit-o-creeper ness.  



  1. oo! so much pretty. I was looking for an etsy link or something for your travelers wallets. Is there a tutorial coming? :)

    1. I'd be happy to set you up an Etsy sale if you like Sarah, let me know. ;)

  2. Love the fabric!! Purple is my fav colour, so very envious of those fabrics!! Where was the car boot sale?

    1. The boot sale was in Fordham in Suffolk/Cambs area--I love it!


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