The lemons did it.

They inspired me to sew a bunch of yellow things, bake a ton of lemony buns, and recover chairs in lemon zebra print. Hold on to your seats ladies and gents, here comes a roller coaster ride! :D 


 Passport wallet

No, I didn't throw lemons in my hair...
 I look like I'm wearing a damn wig.
WTF is that?!!
 How embarrassing. To think none of my friends have said a word about lookin' a hot mess. The shame. 

Anyways, back on track--here are two of the five chairs recovered. Bam.

 Made a patch work iPad case for a gal who like yellow. Please excuse my veiny hand and freckly arms. And my jammies too. Oops. Do you like freckles? I hate them.  If I could choose my skin color, I'd pick my friend Leena's-and her complexion too. Yup, for sure. Got sidetracked there, sorry. 

What's with veiny arms and hands anyways? What does this mean? lol

 Sewed an iPhone case for a friend.

Bought some pretty twine stuff at Wilkinson's for 75 pence. I was ecstatic. All smiles at the register. The lady at the till asked if I won the Lottery. 
I know. Beotch.

 Hydrangeas in spray painted cans--I think that was a can of beans there. 

Yellow bunting

Don't you feel like dancin' on the ceilin'? C'mon, gimme some Lionel Ritchie. I love me some Lionel.

If you are unfamiliar with that tune you should go put yourself in the corner. Now. Then UTube it. Then, perhaps, I can forgive you.

I decided I wasn't ADHD enough, so I also made Lemon Sticky Buns from scratch-o-la. Yeah, I made the dough, then the filling, then the glaze........Oy! I am woman, hear me roar.  
(Now to fit into my skinny jeans is a WHOLE notha' matter.)

never mind

 I'm pretty sure I washed the counter first..........ummmmmm.... (??)

Here I pulled it open so you can gaze inward at that lovely, fluffy, lemony goodness. This is a one time deal ya'll--I won't be baking these honeys again. 

Took far too much time away from sewing-I nearly had withdrawal. My dogs were barking from all that standing, (as in feet people)......Are you up on your teen jargon? LOL  
Hey, I'm all up for acronyms baby. Less time spelling=happy lady.

yeeeeee ha

Time for a sugar reload. 
Or maybe not?

*I always think of John Travolta in GREASE when I type that snicker out--remember that scene? He's trying to play cool in front of  Sandy...
Who was your favorite character in Grease?

Have I lost you in this whirlwind post? Sometimes I feel like I'm forty people wrapped in one caaa----raaaaaazy (say it out loud for full effect) mind. 


 Good night. 


  1. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLL!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhh I love this post...because this is how my head is ALL. DAY. LONG.

    and I want some sticky buns. No wonder you were so happy.

    My jeans dont fit anyway. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!

  2. BAHAHAHA Kat! I wish you'd come over and have some with me!! And I'm glad I'm not alone in the cray cray department....LOL

  3. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I had to cheat and scroll down when I read about the yellow zebra chairs cause WHAT?!?! They're AWESOME! How cheerful and fun!

    1. I love zebra--and in yellow--YES! Glad you understand awesomeness. :D

  4. Ha,ha,ha Ling MAO


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