Remodeling the house....oh dear.

the sewing room

The pantry with its ugly oil stained shelves....or maybe it's lard stains....This is a very old house darlings.

The part I despise about "fixing up"----crap everywhere. Every- every- everywhere.

The dining room. 
 Kids (and Mom) start to go mental. 
Why am I referring to myself in the third person?

Another shot of that pantry....hope my landlord doesn't read my blog. (Snicker snicker...)  :P

By this time, I'm feeling a little nuts. Everything is suddenly hilarious...

Slowly....my serger is unearthed from the abyss.

The new corner cabinet that will hold all that unsightly TV stuff:  

Painted up by super duper talented Melissa of English Flare fame, find her on Facebook.
I can add you to her page if you like, just message me. 

All that hard work deserves some Art Appreciation time.  This is Ruby's study of aqua:

And this is my cuppa tea and my mag. Love the nudes by Maria Filopoulou, makes me want to visit Greece immediately  No, not for that reason-don't be a Perv. (Yeah right, heeheeehee) ..

I suddenly need to bask in the Greek sunshine.

Ho hum.


  1. That is the part I don't like, cleaning and fixing up, lol. Our cabinets are falling off the walls, so today we picked out new ones. I don't relish having to take the old ones down and cleaning and painting and then getting the new ones up without having the kitchen in an uproar for too long.


  2. It looks great. Love the cabinet! You are funny, girl.

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