My Isa experience-the nine days that changed my life. Forever.

I've been converted. Healthy eating.

Ever since having children I didn't have time to think about food, it's just too busy around here. I would drink a pot of coffee and eat some bites here and there, usually junk.
 I rarely sat down for a meal. 

No wonder I didn't sleep well and felt frazzled quite a lot, unable to concentrate for any length of time. No wonder my skin was bad, my hair brittle, and my teeth enamel eroding like...like...I dunno what.  No wonder my bones are weak, with hip pain still plaguing me nearly a decade after an injury. No wonder I go through a million highs and lows emotionally every.single.day.

 Ugh. Enough.

Enter Isagenix and the Nine Day Cleanse.

I kept a small journal-so this is an excerpt from my personal experience. I want to share what happened for me, as maybe you are thinking of trying it too. It's worth it friends. For real. I'm not interested in the business part of Isa, I'm interested in the health part. That's all.


Day one: Started hyper, ready for change. I knew it was going to be a major challenge, especially since I luuuuuuuuv coffee.  I followed it to the "T"....so no coffee, no sugars, nada.  By late afternoon I felt nauseous.  The toxins were working themselves out. Bedtime was early - 9pm -in efforts to sleep it off. I wondered if I could stick with it, just really felt awful.

Day two: Feeling MUCH better now, have some headaches (not major) and some grumpiness, but I attributed it to lack of chocolate.  Had one Isadelight to help me through it.  (Green tea infused chocolate piece.)

Day Three: Feeling a rise in energy. Ate one Isadelight to help with my chocolate habit again. Cleanse day so pretty much fasting with tiny itty bitty tiny snacks. Every hour something goes in, whether it's the cleansing powder drink, an Isadelight, or 6 almonds. But that's it. Water galore.
I'm noticing my skin is REALLY clear. (I struggle with adult acne unfortunately, most days of the month.)

Day four: I woke and weighed myself on a whim-which is a big deal because I have major weight/body image issues. I was shocked to see I  had already lost four pounds! What?! Another cleanse day--by the afternoon I was feeling really tired. Allowed myself a nap. Then some green tea. Went to bed by 8pm completely exhausted. 

Day five: Huge increase in energy! Never felt better--ready for my breakfast shake, but not starving, surprisingly.  Following the program by the book- protein shakes for breakfast and dinner, with a nice wholesome lunch and two wholesome snacks.  Feelings of warmness in my belly at times, what is this? At night I no longer have midnight cravings -at all. (I would normally eat a huge cheese platter and two apples at this late hour in my past. No hunger pangs at all past 8pm. HUGE deal.)

Day 6: Feel so vibrant and fresh I cannot stop telling my husband about what a difference I feel. Mentally, emotionally, physically. Skin has a rosy flush and is still clear-I haven't applied spot medicine since day two.

Day 7: Cheated a tiny bit, ate 3 protein energy balls with chocolate chips in them. No guilt felt, as I know I need chocolate sometimes. Keep moving. 

Days 8 & 9 Shake days, normal. No changes other than feeling really good. No cravings at all.

Day 10: Cleanse day. Easy this time. Kept busy, hardly noticed I didn't have meals. TONS of water.

Day 11: Cleanse day, tough by the afternoon as I had to attend a birthday party and that pizza looked good....but I didn't cave. I knew I'd be fine. Ready for bed by 9pm.

Morning of Day 12--weighed in 8 1/2 pounds lighter and 15 inches smaller.  THREE inches off my waist alone.  Unreal.

Feel totally fresh, clean, energized, and happy. Ready to journey onward with a 30 day cleanse schedule. Skin clear. Eyes bright. Hair shiny. Nails strong and white at the tips. 
I can do this. OH YES I can.

(I mean honestly who wouldn't follow a healthy eating plan if it made them feel prettier? LOL)

More than anything else, this Isagenix journey has taught me to pay attention to what I put in my body. What a difference it really does make!
(I should know this by now! I know.)

I guess it took me all these years to finally LISTEN. 

This Isagenix program is a condensed version of a strict, clean, focused diet, and showed me in just over a week what nature can do when given the proper tools.

We are all walking daily now as well. Just two miles usually, but that's better than nothing.  Fresh air is good medicine. 

I'm researching all different methods of cooking including Paleo and RAW.  
Let's see where this goes. 

I LVE this cook book. I made the blueberry lemon muffins today with cauliflower puree in them...can't taste the puree at all. AMAZING. 
*The recipe calls for squash puree but I only had cauliflower done at the time. 

We are eating lots of fresh fruits. 
I think we've gone through 2 bunches of bananas, 2 crates of blackberries, and 2 cartons of strawberries this week alone. That's okay with me, it's so much better than cookies. I'm noticing the kids are going to bed much more easily as well.  (yessssssssssss!)

Making homemade chicken stock. 

Chicken breast with Tzatziki dip (made with Greek yogurt and cucumber-virtually fat free.)

Blueberries yummm.

Raspberries-even better.

Protein Peanut Butter Choc Balls
help me find another name.

1/2 cup peanut butter
3 T protein powder (Isagenix chocolate powder is what I used)
4 T organic honey  (maple syrup can be used as well)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup chocolate ships or chopped dark chocolate pieces

Put everything in a bowl and mix it up. Shape with your fingers into balls, and place them on parchment paper in a tupperware container. Freeze for best results-at least an hour, or refrigerate overnight. You could also eat 3 or 4 right away like me and compare/contrast the textures of the remaining batch after freezing. 
  Rolling eyes. Yes I am that person that eats cookie dough like it's the last food on Earth.

Okay. So there you have it. Eat right. Exercise. Try a cleanse-it's only a nine day commitment  What do you have to loose? Isagenix offers a 30 day money back guarantee too---can't beat that. 

Contact me by email if you're interested in trying it. 

And if you're not interested, no prob!

 Hungryhippie will be back tomorrow with a sewing post. You'll never hear me talk of Isa again. Unless you want to. 



  1. THANK YOU for this post. The journal entries, mostly. I went gluten free for a month to see if it helped my stomach. The most noticable difference was my skin- what?! It steered me into all the gmo crap out there- especially with grains-that we are told are part of a "healthy" diet. All that led me to paleo- it's fascinating. No wonder we (America/the world) have such problems with health and weight with all the fake $#@* we eat. However, I've caved a little. Honestly, the no time and overwhlemness does take over me. I know it's possible...
    is ISA all natural? What do they make products out of? I guess email me since this is getting too long...hahaha SO glad you're so vitally ALIVE! :) xoxox

  2. I liked your post (and your blog), we eat paleo too (most of the time, sometimes we have pizza or sandwiches) and people here in Spain really don't understand any of it. But the health (and beauty and body-) benefits are amazing! Would never go back!


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)