Anglophile Alert

I've just done another one. (I know...I said no more.) I can't help it, the Union Flag is  ...so....GORGEOUS. It's perfection. It's so pretty quilted up.

 And finally made myself one of these door stops. 

In love with white backing, still.

Coffee cozies have been in use for 10 months now...when will summer arrive? 
I U England, but---- enough.

More Anglophile fabrics put to use.

Whenever I encounter a rude British person (it happens, gasp!) I usually counter with "but I love you and your country more than you could ever understand!!" in a very psychotic and desperate voice. It usually sends them running, whilst I feel non-guilty, because I've showered them with love words. Heeheee (evil laugh).

One can never have too many totes.

See you soon daaaaalings.


  1. Oh my gah, I love the image of you spluttering a love declaration to a rude Brit! That would be AMAZING.

  2. As a Brit I can only apologise for the never ending winter! Gah!

  3. Omg I just love that first photo. Lovvvv. Do you have a tutorial or something for the doorstop, because that is JUST what I need.


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