Middle Age induction ceremony highlights.

Last week I had a really lovely day. 
I just wanted to recap it here, should I forget many years from now, or if perhaps one day in the near future I start feeling gloomy after days without sunshine. It helps to remember the good bits. 

All sorts of flowers came through the door. 

And chocolates---completely decadent and lush, exactly how I choose to live.

My children decided to decorate my sewing box so I would have extra good luck on this day:

Which in fact I did, as you can see below, I won my bidding war.

The vintage pyrex dishes I had been drooling over for months appeared, thank you Ebay. These are made in England, from the 1960's. I love them so much. They make me smile every day.

 Pyrex is so heavy. I get a workout for my wrists every day now. Let's get real---nobody wants fat wrists.

I made my coffee and tea in my special tea cups. I don't usually use these as they are so dainty, I do love them so much. 
I felt like a proper Lady.

It probably helped I walked around the house practicing my Downton Abbey accent. 

Yes, I talk to myself, (in a British accent) don't you? 

You know when a friend just knows you?

This was her gift to me----it is so perfect I nearly fainted. 
Okay, I didn't really faint, but in efforts of dramatic intention you understand my point.

I squeal every time a package arrives from Amazon. This is a peek into my world right here:
(Thank you husband).

That orange thing is a julienne cutter--(I know!!) 

My Mom and Dad sent me this among other things. I'm always reciting British Historical facts for random strangers so they think I'm really clever and scholarly.  (Or just plain mad  is more like it.)

I'll carry this stick in my handbag so if anyone gets out of line I can whack them with it, in the name of King Henry, naturally.

Are you tired of me yet?

I have always been a fan of leopard. The kids and I decided to decoupage various shapes in leopard. 

I'd wallpaper the house in leopard if I could ....Meow.

Finally the leopard fabrics arrived. 
Yesssss Yes Yes!  (Meg Ryan style there, for (again)-dramatic intention.)

Am I the only one who has to say "leo-pard" in a Spanish accent in order to spell it correctly whilst typing?

Friends came over for canapes and wine, but they're famous so I have no pictures, lest they show up on Twitter.   (LOL)

Now I have your attention don't I? 


And to top it all off, the next day I felt so refreshed and "girl powered up" that I made Chicken Tika Masala which is my fave....

Nom nom.

Thank you my lovelies, you made me feel so cherished. Near and far, wherever you are, I am thinking of you and grateful to have you as my friend.


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